A MESSAGE TO ALL BOOMERS: us millennial’s don’t want to do business the way you did it

We don’t, it’s true. We don’t want to run business the way you ran it. We want to run it our own way. Take a step back, respect our style. Here’s some examples of the ‘old’ vs. the ‘new’ and why its more important now than ever before to start letting millennials run this mother.

Remote work as the future of work

We want freedom and flexibility. The ability to work on our own terms. For the most part, this means remote work and travel thrown into the mix. We now live in a world where our laptops and mobile are really the only two essential ingredients for doing business. Fortunately, both of these can quite easily be packed away into our suitcase.

Authenticity and transparency

Boomers, you definitely had one perceivable advantage growing up in your era.. you could easily stay away from the public eye. Mobile apps and social media essentially puts us all in the limelight on an everyday basis. Whether we snapchat our daily events or share it on whatsapp, we live in a very open and transparent world now and that’s why its so important to stay true and authentic in our business and projects.

Value over bottom line

We tend to think a lot more about doing things differently, asking ourselves why not, solving problems or adding value through technology. Our focus is on the greater purpose behind why we will do what we decide to do and our ability to touch other people’s lives. We think much more about value than dollars.

Access over ownership

I don’t meet many millennial’s who really want to lock themselves into life long mortgages or long term office leases. We want access to a good lifestyle and great infrastructure, without the burden of working only to earn and pay it off. This is exactly why coworking and coliving increases to grow year on year.

Collaboration over competition

We love collaboration and we’ll even consider doing it with our direct competitors. We don’t recognise competition as a threat or enemy, but rather as an opportunity to cross promote each others market differentiating products and services. Think of this way.. two like minded vloggers who target very similar online communities decide to create a video together to promote on each others channels. Sharing is caring.

Ultimately, the magic formula consists of “3 F’s.” i.e. Millennial’s just want to be FREE, FRANK & FLEXIBLE.

Boomers, the world is moving at a fast pace so try to keep up and support this new era of entrepreneurship…ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2.0


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