How to Stop a Dog from Barking

A constantly barking dog can be extremely disturbing. Regardless of the tone or sound of the bark, a dog that won’t stop barking can quickly let you lose patience. Fortunately, barking is not a sign of happiness in dogs; rather, it is an indication of anxiety, frustration, stress, or over-excitement, all of which are not in the best interest of you and your dog. A happy, satisfied dog does not bark. 
 In this post, we will examine one type of barking and how you can stop your dog from engaging in such abnormal behavior.

*Most training techniques in this post were taken from Doggy Dan’s website. Please feel free to check his methods for a more in-depth overall training approach.

Most people don’t realize their dog has been terrorizing the community until their retired neighbor tells them or the association reports to the dog control officer who comes to check out the trouble. The remedy to the incessant barking of your dog is to understand the underlying cause of the behavior and deal with it. However, you must witness the behavior personally to understand the problem. 
 In the wild, your dog is a pack animal whose society is built on a hierarchy of leaders and followers. The pack leader is responsible for the well being of the pack. When your dog is left alone after everybody has gone to work or school, your dog became lonely and stressed like a dog which has lost its pack. The uncontrollable barking when you are away is primordial pack behavior — your dog is trying to find you by calling out to you the only way it can. 
 It’s like losing sight of your five-year-old kid. You become stressed if you can’t find your kid in a sprawling amusement park. But unlike your dog, you can tell the park officials to announce on the PA system for your kid to wait in a particular spot or check out the park’s CCTV surveillance system to find her. A dog cannot enjoy these type of convenience when it can’t find its pack. It becomes extremely difficult for your dog to rest if it is stressed for this reason. 
 This extends to other annoying behaviors like trying to dig under the fence, chewing or destroying stuff, or jumping over the fence when you are away from home. Your dog engages in these activities when it is stressed. Sadly, your dog cannot voice its concerns. 
 How do you deal with this? Treats and toys may not be enough to resolve this issue. You will only be addressing the symptoms, not the cause. If you already tried this method, you know it does not solve the problem. 
 The simple solution to this big problem is to let your dog see you as the pack leader. Your dog will stop trying to protect you if it realizes you are responsible for its protection. When you come home, your dog will be relaxed and happy to see you. You don’t need any complex strategies to stop the abnormal behavior. 
 Transforming yourself into the pack leader is not hard. It is simple enough for anybody to do, but it will take several pages to explain it. Doggy Dan’s website has an excellent strategy to make yourself the pack leader and stop your dog’s constant barking behavior when you are away. He has a 3 Day $1 trial to allow you to try it out. 
 However, you can also use the tips below in combination with establishing yourself as a pack leader to stop your dog from barking abnormally. 
 Exercise: Exercise your dog before going out- a tired dog has no energy to bark nonstop.
 Feed and Water: Always feed your dog and provide water for them before leaving home.
 Put them in the right place: Try to put your dog in different areas. Some dogs prefer to stay outside, while some prefer to stay inside or in small spaces. 
 Don’t leave bones: Don’t leave bones with your dog but give them toys.
 Music and TV: Distractions such as the TV or music from the radio can help your dog relax when you are not at home. 
 Herbal remedies: Some herbal remedies can help your dog relax. 
 Dog walker: Your dog will feel less stressed if it gets to walk around the neighborhood during the day. 
 Leave quietly: Your dog will feel more relaxed if you say goodbye calmly, rather than getting him all worked up. 
 Comfort Jackets: You can try comfort jackets that help dogs relax. However, the results can be mixed.
 Sadly, getting another dog has no guarantee of solving the problem, and it’s not advisable to do so. It’s important to note that your dog is not barking because it is bored. Most dogs that bark when their owners are not around will quietly lie around the house when their owners are at home. 
 If you want to stop your dog’s barking behavior as soon as possible, I recommend going to Doggy Dan’s website to learn how to become a pack leader. I assure you, it works. You can use the 3 Day $1 trial CLICK HERE to check out the site
 The site dedicates an entire section captioned “Separation Anxiety” to stopping a dog from barking uncontrollably. 
 The problem is not hard to resolve, but you must understand your dog’s problem from a dog’s perspective. What they need is a dominant pack leader, not treats and bones. 
 Start using your 3 Day $1 trial now. The earlier you start, the sooner you start getting into your neighbor’s good books.