Further Network Weekly Update from our CEO 23.07.2018

As our public communications and releases continue, I am thrilled to give you some exciting news;

Since you last heard from us, we’ve been working hard and achieved some new partnerships in the industry. We have partnered with;

  • One Airline from Europe with 30m Pax/Year
  • One Airline from Asia with 80m Pax/Year
  • One Airline Association with 47 members and 85% unbanked population average
  • One Big Travel Agency from Europe

to change the industry together. In addition to these strong partnerships, we are recently negotiating with several airlines, travel agencies, hotel wholesalers and international airports from all over the world together with one of the largest four audit companies for auditing our digital wallets.

At Further Network, we are on the brink of starting a new age of human flight: Maybe not in the “flying” part per se, but making the remaining parts and process flawless for both the industry partners and for free individual travelers.

There is more great news. On 5th of August, we will start the pre-sale process, bringing in a chosen, handful of investors and partners. So make sure to follow us in order to be included in this phase, with remarkable bonuses & rates. In addition to these, we will be going public with several new & exciting partnerships throughout the travel industry. Stay tuned for those!

Blockchain WILL change each and every industry, that’s for sure. In the meantime, If you would like to be a part of this inevitable and massive change in the future of travel, I personally invite you to join us.

Kadir Özgür Oğuz

Co-Founder & CEO