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2023 Chinese New Years Campaign 🐰

Furucombo is happy to announce our Chinese New Years celebration campaign for 2023, year of the rabbit! In our campaign, owners of our Loyalty NFTs will get a chance to win one of three red envelope prizes! Additionally, the higher rank loyalty cube you own, the higher the chance of a better reward. You can earn one red envelope prize from each of the loyalty cubes you own.

Campaign Dates:

The campaign will run from Jan 18th to Feb 7th.

How to Participate in the Campaign:

  1. Connect your wallet to our guild page to authenticate and add any roles you have. If you have a Wooden, Metal, or Diamond Loyalty Cube, you will be assigned the roles in the community Discord.
  2. In the community Discord, goto the #happy-new-years channel and wish everyone a happy new years
  3. Once you have the roles assigned to you, and you’ve said happy new years, head to our campaign pages on galxe.

4. Once you’re on the associated page, connect your wallet and double check that you’ve completed the credentials. If the credentials have been completed, you can mint your random red envelope NFT which contains 3 different prizes (higher loyalty NFTs have a higher chance to earn better rewards)

5. Once you mint your NFT, you can check your inventory for the NFT that was in the mystery box. The details on what is inside your red envelope is under the traits of that NFT. We will be issuing the rewards from these NFTs once the campaign is completed.

How to Mint a Loyalty Cube:

If you do not yet have a loyalty cube, the following guide will help you to mint your cube.

  1. Log into your wallet on the Furucombo website
  2. Performing any transaction on Furucombo can earn you points. For example, for every $0.01 in fees charged, users can earn 2 points. Fees lower than $0.01 per transaction will not earn any points. If a user performs a $1000 initial fee transaction, the fee for that transaction will be $2. That means that that user will generate 400 points from that transaction. (*Time-limited special event: Feb 1 — Feb 7) You can check more details on how to earn points on our Loyalty Points page.
  3. Under the wallet page (on the top right), check to see your total points. If your total points is above 1500, you can click the ‘redeem’ button to claim your rank 1 Furucombo Loyalty NFT! You can claim one of each rank
  • Rank 1 — Wooden Cube NFT for 1500
  • Rank 2 — Metal Cube NFT for 3000
  • Rank 3 — Diamond Cube NFT for 9000

3. Once claimed, follow the above steps to claim your red envelope



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