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A Better Version of Furucombo

In this article, we want to share with you why, in the first place, we decided to build Furucombo, and some accomplishments we’ve achieved! As part of our endeavor to reduce the learning curve for DeFi new entrants, we’ve launched the “Explore page” on Furucombo, in which we provide some highlighted shortcut combos to help our users easily dive right into the DeFi space.

In 2020 March, with a passion for DeFi and the ambition to change the complex nature of DeFi legos, Furucombo was created. Our primary goal is to debunk the belief that DeFi services are too complicated to use. Therefore, we designed and visualized complex protocols into cubes (like DeFi legos) so users can build their DeFi strategies simply by drag & drop and send them out in one transaction.

In the process of improving the product, we discovered that our users are obsessed with finding more examples of composabilities between protocols. For this reason, we rolled out a series of combo tutorials- “#combochallenge” on Twitter, to give users some recipe inspirations. We also wrote a few articles to explain the combo detail on our Medium. Since then, Furucombo has made significant progress! We’re thrilled to tell you that, during the last three months, the cumulative trading volume of Furucombo has exceeded 80M!

However, as mentioned above, one of our goals is to lower the entry barrier of the DeFi space. To truly achieve this goal, we’ve been working hard on building a new page on Furucombo for a while. Now, we can finally announce that the “Explore page” is live!

The Explore page serves as the DeFi strategy sharing center, letting you discover top used combos. Here, you will see a gallery of strategies that have been built on Furucombo. When you click a strategy, you will be taken to a page where we explain the purpose of it and how this strategy is composed in cubes. Other features of the Explore page also include filtering strategies by popular tags and displaying relevant information, such as APY, liquidity, and rewards. With these features, users may find their combo more easily.

Our top three combos at launch are:
- Close Maker Vault
- Increase ETH exposure on Maker
- Get Higher APY on Compound

When using these three combos, you only need to make sure you’ve connected your wallet. Then, Furucombo will take care of the rest, such as calculating the before-and-after APY or liquidation ratio. One page and a few clicks, you can send out a combo effortlessly.

Explore: Get Higher APY on Compound

Our ultimate goal is to provide a playground-like platform for all DeFi lovers to explore this exponentially-growing world to their hearts’ content. Whether you are new or experienced, we believe that the right approach will save effort and lead users to better venture the DeFi! Ergo, our determination to improve Furucombo does not end here. We’ll keep working on adding more interesting features on Furucombo. Stay tuned! 🤓

Check out the Explore page: furucombo.app/explore



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