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Announcing Furucombo and Lootex Partnership

Since 2018, Lootex has been providing professional, innovative, and sophisticated Non-Fungible Token (NFT) service solutions. For the past two years, they have issued more than 14000+ NFTs. Lootex is dedicated to making people’s virtual assets real and tradeable by providing a user-friendly NFT minting service and a safe trading platform built on blockchains.

The primary goal of Lootex is to provide an authentic, fraud-free, cross-nation, and transparent marketplace that connects through a decentralized system, letting anyone can create, buy or sell its crypto items through smart contracts in a simple and secure process.

We are very delighted to start the partnership with Lootex. Both of us share a common philosophy — providing anyone a path of least resistance to access the innovative blockchain world anytime and anywhere.

Lootex has two powerful services:

  • Lootex’s Forge is a NFT minting service, supporting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, enabling developers to turn their digital creations into a valuable asset.
  • Lootex’s marketplace, enabling both buyers and sellers to complete Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions through smart contracts.

The collaboration will start from the creation of some limited-edition NFTs, which we can’t wait to share with all of you. Later on, we’ll explore the possibilities of NFT in DeFi together. We believe that, with the company of Lootex, Furucombo in 2021 will be more creative and dynamic than ever! Stay tuned for more information soon!




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