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Community Call Highlight Notes #23 (English version)

- Hsuan-Ting — CEO at Furucombo
- Ben — Lead Blockchain Engineer at Furucombo
- Josh (Blazar) — Community Manager at Furucombo
- Blake — COO at Furucombo
- Mounir — Lead at Paraswap


  1. Introduction to Paraswap (1:30)
  2. What is Paraswap & what can you do with Paraswap (2:25)
  3. Integration of Paraswap on Furucombo (4:40)
  4. What's the next step for Paraswap for integrations or upgrades (6:50)
    - Expanding to new chains, idea to be on all major chains
    - With a focus on Layer 2's
    - More decentralization meaning easier access for any protocols to build on top of Paraswap
    - Peer to peer NFT marketplace
    - Question: You can swap NFT on Paraswap? (11:47)
    - Question 2: When will it be live? (15:15)
    - Question 3: Will Paraswap aggerate NFTs from all the marketplaces? (16:35)
    - Paraswap Governance (19:02)
    - PSP token is used for governance
    - Use a DAO, snapshot system, & multi-sig
    - How to make governance effective (27:45)

Updates on work in progress

  1. Fund Manager System (41:45)
    - System almost completed, going through internal reviews & then external audit
    - Will look at integrating more protocols once completed
  2. Discord workshops (44:55)
    - Fund Manager system
    - How to create a strategy using create mode
  3. Trading Contest (45:25)
    - Extended until the launch of the Fund System
    - $10,000USDC up for grabs still
  4. Fund Managers (45:50)
    - Looking for more fund managers for whitelist
    - Join discord, become a fund manager & partake in the trading strategy
  5. Governance (46:25)
    - Still working on FIP #1 for managing DAO treasury
    - Any community member interested can apply to be a key holder
    - We will propose FIP #2 soon
    - How to use the DAO treasury


  1. Things of Interest (50:00)
    - Was great to meet everyone from the industry, and the community
  2. Hackathon (52:20)
    - Catz’ntrate
    - Concentrate to Earn
    - Won 2nd place in the Polygon bounty


  1. Is there any plan to collect fees? (1:02:35)
    - Yes, on the fund system when Furucombo funds launches
  2. What's the plan for the loyalty program & the loyalty NFT’s? (1:04:25)
    - We are re-designing our loyalty program now
    - All genesis NFTs will be upgradable to the new system
    - Original art will still remain
  3. Any update on the COMBO token ecosystem? (1:06:25)
    - We will launch the governance soon
    - Finish FIP #1 & #2
    - Staking system for vCOMBO & snapshot
    - Exploring the curve model of governance
    - LP tokens for governance for capital efficiency
  4. What's new for auto-farming? (1:08:35)
    - Main focus is on Furucombo funds for now, no plans to integrate more farms currently
  5. Are investors & shareholders still involved in Furucombo? (1:10:00)
    - Yes, they still actively meet with the team & most of them are still holding the COMBO token
  6. Will the combo governance staking contract also give loyalty points? (1:12:08)
    - The team will explore this, good idea



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