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Community Call Highlight Notes #25

Watch the call on Youtube:

Agenda for Call:

Updates on what’s new this month -New token additions (1:43)

Updates on work-in-progress (7:00)

  • Fund Manager System
    - Furucombo fund contract is auditing now by world-class audit firm
    - Code review by Furucombo team
    - FE/BE work is done
    - QA task is done
    - Release day coming soon
  • Protocol Integrations
    - Research and evaluate more than 10 protocols for potential integration
    - Based on user demand and our product roadmap
    - Criteria for integration
    - Potential integration: QiDao, Uniswap v3, Aave v3

Governance updates (12:15)

  • Snapshot will go live on mid-May
  • Vote on Snapshot using
    - COMBO on Ethereum and Polygon
    - (TBD) COMBO/ETH LP on Uniswap and QuickSwap

Marketing Goals for 2022 -Interesting metrics (14:40)

  • Loyalty program (16:25)
    - Create mode will earn points
    - Auto-invest farms will earn points
    - Staking with Fund Managers will earn points
    - You can redeem points to earn share tokens in Fund Managed funds.
  • Fund manager system marketing plans (19:25)
    1. Trial Run Stage
    2. Launch Stage
    3. Post-Launch
  • Protocol Integrations (22:35)
    - Once the Fund system launches, we can assign more resources to protocols for integration.
    - We have partnerships in the pipeline, with potential grants as well.
    - The Fururadio gives an alpha on our potential partners.
    - Partner funds → Our partners can also launch their own funds on our system.




  • Fund 系統
    - Furucombo Fund 系統目前正在給審計公司做合約的審查
    - 前後端的工程都已經完成
    - 系統測試工程也已經完成
    - 系統很快會上線!
  • Protocol 串接
    - 正在評估 10 項以上的 protocol 串接工程
    - 可能的串接:QiDao, Uniswap v3, Aave v3
  • Fund 經理人
    - 如何成為 Fund 經理人:
    1. 加入 Discord 並私訊 Blazar
    2. 填寫 Fund 經理人問卷
    3. 安排 interview
  • 治理更新
    - Snapshot 將會在五月中上線
    - 可使用 COMBO or COMBO/ETH LP token 在 Ethereum & Polygon 上投票
  • 行銷 2022 目標
  • 行銷數據
    交易量:至 2021 第四季以來,Furucombo 每季皆保持高於 200M 的交易量。
    - 2021 Q3: 128,821,864
    - 2021Q4: 235,742,805
    - 2022 Q1: 216,612,588
  • 訪問量:至 2021 第四季以來,Furucombo 每季皆吸引了多達 50k 的訪問人數。
    - 2021 Q3: 35,639
    - 2021Q4: 55,200
    - 2022 Q1: 51,782
  • 交易執行數:Furucombo 每季皆有多達 3,000 多筆的交易被執行。
    - 2021 Q3: 3,728
    - 2021Q4: 3,466
    - 2022 Q1: 3,067
  • 評估上線優化版 Loyalty Program
    - 將點數系統延伸至所有產品線。
  • Fund 系統上線的行銷計畫
    - 1. 試營運階段
    - 2. 正式上線階段
    - 3. 上線後期
  • 行銷方面的 protocol 串接
    - 一旦 Fund 上線,將會安排更多支援做 protocol 串接工程。




Furucombo is a tool built for end users to optimize their defi strategy simply by drag and drop. Just like building your own defi legos into one transaction, but you don’t need to know how to code.

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Build your own DeFi legos into one transaction without knowing how to code.

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