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How To Distribute UNI?

As everyone knows, a couple of months ago Uniswap shook up the defi community with the retroactive distribution of their token, UNI.

The original qualifications seemed to reach the intended Uniswap users, but left those who exchanged on Uniswap through a proxy like ourselves or 1inch, Dharma, etc.

When we realized that four of our contracts were eligible, we knew we wanted to try to claim the UNI for our users. Unfortunately, two of the contracts ended up getting front ran, and were only able to claim 800 UNI (half of the potential UNI for simplicity).

Similar stories of discussions have occurred in other communities, such as the Dharma’s governance proposal (which didn’t pass) so we wanted to ask our community as well:

What should we do with the UNI?

We’ve thought of 3 main decisions, but feel free to chime in the comments, on Twitter, or on Discord other solutions as well.

Option 1: Support Furucombo Team Development

The easiest method would be to allow the team to retain the UNI, and use it to fund further development of Furucombo.

No technical implementation would be required, simply a vote signaling that this is what the majority of the community wants, and we would get to work liquidating UNI as we see fit to fund further development.

Option 2: Give UNI To Community

We expect that this is the option that will be the most popular, and rightfully so — this is YOUR UNI! We simply facilitated the transaction.

The technical implementation will take some time to make sure distribution is fair, but we would simply track which wallet addresses used the Furucombo Uniswap cube, and give the UNI based on some fixed amount for the addresses we have deemed eligible for UNI rewards (using our Uniswap cube).

If you want to check if you are one of the eligible addresses, please reference our tweet for the full listings.

Option 3: Half To Team, Half To Community

Another option would be a combination of both — the team keeps half, while the other half is evenly distributed to the community fairly.

Open To Anything

We are open to working out anything, but we need YOU to let us know what you want. Should we band together and start a governance vote like Dharma? Should we do an 80/20 split? Should we sell the UNI and hold something else?

Let us know anywhere you see us — Discord, Twitter, and Medium work best.



Furucombo is a tool built for end users to optimize their defi strategy simply by drag and drop. Just like building your own defi legos into one transaction, but you don’t need to know how to code.

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