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Feel the Magic of Christmas!

To celebrate the happiest Christmas season, Furucombo is pleased to announce our Christmas event! Participants will have a chance to send love ❤️ to Santa Pepe. The more love you show, the more everyone can earn from this fantastic holiday event!

🎅🏻 Be festive, it’s Christmas time!

🎄 To participate:
1) simply follow @Furucombo and say GM.
2) Then, retweet and like Furucombo’s Christmas event tweet to send love to Santa Pepe! Don’t forget to tag your frens!
3) Finally, join our Discord, and as Christmas is the season for sharing, invite your friends to spread your joy!

🎁 Santa Pepe will prepare a gift for you as well!

Everyone will be able to participate on December 22th at 11am UTC. The campaign will run until December 25st at 11pm UTC.

Each like that is sent will accumulate 10 points to the campaign pool. The more love that is sent, the higher everyone’s rewards will be! That means invite your friends because the more entries, the more rewards. The campaign will have a maximum amount of 2500 points. Rewards will be distributed within 15 days. At the end of the event, Santa Pepe will draw 5 lucky frens to earn the accumulated points.

To learn more about what you can do with points, you can read our loyalty program article. Transmute your points into a metal cube to qualify for our loyalty airdrop to earn even more!

Also check our Quests campaign, where you can earn even more loyalty points for completing bonus tasks!

We are excited to continue to give back to the community and we hope everyone enjoys these treats provided by the Furucombo team. Hope to see you all in the Discord!

Furucombo reserves the right to change the details of the campaign at any time.



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