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Furucombo Bimonthly Update #33

# Furucombo’s Update

Special thanks to Gelato for hosting us on their ecosystem spotlight. This article is an in depth look at how Furucombo has integrated Gelato to change the game when it comes to money legos. Check out the article below:

✅ Furucombo Workshop: 101

The first ever edition of our new segment, Furucombo Workshops! The Furucombo Workshops are for users to get more familiar with the Furucombo product, and to learn to maximize their understanding of the composbility of the platform. To learn more about the workshops, join us on our Discord. To watch the recording of ‘Furucombo 101, an introduction to create mode’, see below:

✅ How to Avoid Liquidation

What does liquidation mean, and how can you avoid getting rekt? Learn more from our new informational article to help you wrap your head around this important topic below:

✅ Furucombo Discord Adds Tips

Our Discord server is as lively as ever with our newest addition. You can now tip others using the tip bot integration using $COMBO tokens! We’ve already started quite a few giveaways, so make sure you check it out in our Discord.

✅ FuruRadio: Polygon & the Ecosystem

Furucombo hosted its 1st radio podcast, ‘Whats next for Polygon & the ecosystem” featuring special guests: Hilmar from Gelato, Devin from GYSR, Chyna from Definer, Nemo from Tesseract, and Aishwary from Polygon! We had a fantastic chat with these great guests, you can watch the recording below:

✅ Community Call: April 20th

We hosted our community call on April 20th where we talked about updates on our platform, community news & updates and more. Check out the video below:

✅ New Token Integrations

We’ve added new whitelisted tokens for you to trade with on our platform. On Ethereum, we’ve added $LOOKS, $BEAN, $APE, $HEX, $ICHI, $FTT, $STG, & $PSP. On Aave, we’ve added $ENS, $FEI, $DPI, & $UST. On the Polygon network we’ve added $UST, $GNS, $QI, $PSP, $CEL, $MIM, & $HEX. If there's a token you’d like to see added, let us know!

✅ Furucombo Workshop: Flashloans

In the workshop we did a deep dive into how to build a flashloan combo, and how to make you a flashloan pro! Check the video out below:

✅ Invest: Two New Farms

Two new farms release on Furucombo Invest! $MATIC / $CEL, and $DAI / $GNS farms. Utilizing Gelatos automation, these farms will automatically compound rewards. Check them out today at https://go.furucombo.app/Aaqvt.

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. See you there! 😎 You can check our previous newsletter editions here.

Want to be inspired by more DeFi strategies? Check out our Learn page. You can find up to 50 combos with their own detailed explanations about how they work.

Hope you enjoy this edition’s content! 😁

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