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Furucombo Biweekly Update #17

The security of the Furucombo system is of paramount importance to us. Peckshield and Certora have formally audited and verified the main contract of Furucombo. cure53 has completed the security audit for Furucombo’s website and API as well. We’re stronger than ever! 💪

This week we have some exciting Furucombo’s updates to share with you, and we’ve also picked a hot combo covering strategy on Aave to give you some recipe inspirations! Without further ado, let’s get started! ✨

COMBO Mining Season 3
New release is now live on Furucombo
Maximize your stkAAVE rewards

# Furucombo’s Update

✅ COMBO Mining Season 3

Get ready, COMBO farmers! COMBO Mining Season 3 is going to launch! We are really excited to share with you what's new in this season!

Program period
May 13 2021, 3:00 AM (UTC) - Aug 5 2021, 3:00 AM (UTC)

How to participate?
1. Liquidity Farming: Earn rewards by staking COMBO or COMBO/ETH LP token.
2. Usage Farming: Gas reimbursement + weekly challenge to join NFT lotteries. (*Furucombo NFTs can be used to boost the COMBO rewards up to 2 times!)

How to get a Furucombo NFT?
Every week, we'll roll out some challenges for you to do. If you complete the mission, you'll get a chance to enter our weekly Furucombo NFT lottery event! May the Furu-luck be with you!
Read all about the new season: https://go.furucombo.app/3u2fT

✅ New release is now live on Furucombo

We've just released some new powerful features on Furucombo!

• Borrow & Repay features on Aave v2
• Swap, Add LP & Remove LP features on SushiSwap

Many in the community have been asking wen Aave Flashlaon, wen Aave cubes. We're happy to announce that all the Aave cubes have been relaunched on Furucombo!!!

Hope y'all enjoy these newly released features! :)

✅ Maximize your stkAAVE rewards

Aave has launched its v2 liquidity mining program, offering roughly $880,000 worth of governance token (stkAAVE) rewards to lenders and borrowers until July 15.Here we provide you a combo to let you use flashloan to leverage the amount of deposit & borrow on Aave to maximize your stkAAVE rewards!How?
1️⃣ Flash borrow DAI to deposit
2️⃣ Return your deposited funds to your wallet
3️⃣ Borrow DAI & Flash payback
The pre-build combo is ready for you! 👉 go.furucombo.app/o6l1P

Check out our explore page. You can find up to 50 combos with its own detailed explanation about how it works! And you can also join our Discord server to chat with the community about all the trading strategies & ideas!

Hope you enjoy this week’s content! 🤓

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If you experience issues that are not covered in this guide, please reach out to the team directly through telegram.



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