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Furucombo Biweekly Update #28

In this newsletter edition, we want to share our new release updates, some Furucombo analysis data insights, and a hot strategy for efficiently providing liquidity to DeFi pools!

By the way, we’re going to run a Halloween event on our Twitter. Make sure you’ve followed us so that you won’t miss out on our spooky event! Okay, without further ado, let’s get started! ✨

New release is now live on Furucombo!!!
Furucombo Community Call w/ Flashbots
Using Invest to be a liquidity provider

# Furucombo’s Update

✅ New release is now live on Furucombo!!!

We are excited to introduce you to our new release features:

● Private Transactions, powered by Flashbots - The benefits of using private transactions include 1) Frontrunning Protection - no pesky sandwich attacks, 2) No failed transactions - no cost for gas if the transaction reverts, 3) Inclusion at the top of blocks.

To toggle the txn protection feature, find the slider in the lower-left corner of the create combo page. Try it out today and enjoy the freedom from bot attacks!

● Loyalty Program - Wooden cube is now claimable on Galaxy Furucombo Space! Transmute your points into a wooden cube - it’ll speed up your point accumulation!

Where to find your points? You can check your accumulated points on the wallet tab on Furucombo. Points will be updated by the Furucombo team once a day.

✅ Furucombo Community Call w/ Flashbots

We're hosting our #18 Community call (English)!Time: Nov 3 @ 2 PM (UTC)
Livestream on: Twitter & Discord
*Add the call to your calendar through here, ICYMI!

On this call, we'll have a special guest - Flashbots's Steward and Protect Lead Robert Miller joining us!!! We've prepared lots of interesting questions to chat with Robert! Grab your popcorn and join our chat!

Call #18 agenda:
● Latest cool update on Furucombo
● Chat time with Flashbots
● AMA Time

We'll also have a community call in Mandarin on the same day!
Time: Nov 3 @ 12 PM (UTC)

See you guys soon!! ;)

# Hot combos

✅ Using Invest to be a liquidity provider

Want to be a liquidity provider to earn trading fees in a pool? Or better yet, want to earn yield from farming?

With Furucombo Invest, no need to swap 50% of token A to token B, and add tokens to pool. Using our Invest, you can invest directly into any pool or farm you like!

We currently have seven auto-farming pools on Furucombo Polygon in which COMBO, MATIC, and QUICK tokens will be given as rewards. *You can scroll over the APY percentage and it'll show the breakdown in rewards.

Last but not least, let's dive into some insights of the Invest:
We are glad to share these figures with you as they perform how much progress Furucombo has made over the last month. Check out Invest to start earning from DeFi!

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation! See you there! :)

Want to see more DeFi strategies? Check out our explore page. You can find up to 50 combos with its own detailed explanation about how it works!

Hope you enjoy this week’s content! 🤓

Contact us

If you experience issues that are not covered in this guide, please reach out to the team directly through telegram.




Furucombo is a tool built for end users to optimize their defi strategy simply by drag and drop. Just like building your own defi legos into one transaction, but you don’t need to know how to code.

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Build your own DeFi legos into one transaction without knowing how to code.

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