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Furucombo Biweekly Update #29

In this newsletter edition, we will share our new release updates, Furucombo ongoing events, and a hot strategy for swapping positions on Aave — to give you some recipe inspirations! We are also pleased to announce our new partnership with Museum of Crypto! — more on this later!!

Also don’t forget, if you’ve collected 1500 loyalty points you can claim your wooden cube which will boost your loyalty point earnings by 1.1x. Moreover, our metal cube is now claimable as well! Metal cube NFT holders will be eligible to receive COMBO tokens loyalty airdrops! The first drop will be happening around Christmas.

Okay, without further ado, let’s get started!✨

Announcing Partnership with Museum of Crypto Art
Furucombo Quests are off to go!
Swap Aave positions in a single transaction

# Furucombo’s Update

✅ Announcing Partnership with Museum of Crypto Art

Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) is a digital museum with a mission to preserve the truth of the crypto art movement. They provide an infrastructure to align interests & safeguard the communal story of art.

By issuing their governance token: MOCA, they aim to incentivize artists, collectors, projects and communities to build a metaverse space together.

We're excited to join the Museum of Crypto Art's family to explore the NFT revolution with them!
To kick off our partnership, we've just listed a new MOCA / WETH auto-farming pool on Invest!

Museum of Crypto art has provided rewards in MOCA tokens to users who provide liquidity and we have added another bonus of USDC tokens to be earned.

*It's a trendy pool that will only be live for one month. Seize the opportunity!

✅ Furucombo Quests are off to go!

Furucombo Quests is a new innovative way for any community member, new or old, to earn loyalty points! Loyalty points can be used to transmute cubes that have special benefits.To participate in Quests, simply go to our google form and complete any of the listed tasks such as social media quests, governance quests etc... Submit the result and you are eligible to get loyalty points!

More details about the Furucombo Quests can be found here.

# Hot combos

✅ Swap Aave positions in a single transaction

Did you know you can seamlessly swap your Aave debt position from one to another in a single transaction?

1️⃣ Flashloan debt token to repay debt
2️⃣ Borrow a new debt token
3️⃣ Swap funds to repay flashloan
🔗 https://go.furucombo.app/O0wk6

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation! See you there! :)

Want to see more DeFi strategies? Check out our explore page. You can find up to 50 combos with its own detailed explanation about how it works!

Hope you enjoy this week’s content! 🤓

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