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Furucombo Biweekly Update #5

This week, we’ve picked three latest hot combos for you to give you some recipe inspirations. We cover strategies on Yearn and Maker as well as UNI token! Okay, without further ado, let’s get started! ✨

Swap yVaults seamlessly on Yearn
ETH price-slumping panic button for Maker vault
A quick way to join the UNI mining party

# Hot combos

Here’s what‘s trending on Furucombo.

✅ Swap yVaults seamlessly on Yearn

Employing strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities available has been the hallmark of yVaults on Yearn! But do you know how to rebalance your yVaults by switching from one to another? Don't worry, Furucombo has prepared an effortless way for you to swap your yValuts!

1️⃣ Withdraw yUSDC
2️⃣ Swap USDC to yCRV
3️⃣ Deposit yCRV and get yUSD
(An example of swapping USDC vault to yCRV vault for higher APY)
The pre-built combo is ready for you! 👉 go.furucombo.app/TNlYs

✅ ETH price-slumping panic button for Maker vault

Oh my... imagine when the ETH price slumps, this pre-set shortcut will definitely be the panic button to save our necks! You don't even need to build a combo. We have it all handled behind the scene so you can close the Maker vault in a flash!⚡How? (By using our explore page shortcut)
1️⃣️ Connect your wallet
2️⃣ Choose the vault that you want to close
3️⃣ Approve & Send the transaction
The shortcut is ready for you! 👉 go.furucombo.app/LqLbU

✅ A quick way to join the UNI mining party

If you have used Uniswap in the past, you're eligible to claim 400+ free UNI on uniswap.info. Currently, Uniswap is also running a liquidity mining program where five million UNI tokens are allocated to users who add liquidity to four designated pools (ETH-USDT/USDC/DAI/WBTC).

Hopping on the UNI liquidity-mining train is super easy. We have made a pre-built combo for you to save your steps and time.
1️⃣ Claim your UNI on
3️⃣ Add Liquidity to Uniswap pools
The pre-built combo is ready for you! 👉 go.furucombo.app/S0OxN

Hope you enjoy this week’s content! 🤓

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Furucombo is a tool built for end users to optimize their defi strategy simply by drag and drop. Just like building your own defi legos into one transaction, but you don’t need to know how to code.

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