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Furucombo Invest: Lotto Ticket & Milestone NFT Campaigns

We are happy to announce upon the launch of Furucombo Invest we will also be launching our first NFT programs! The first campaign is our Lotto Ticket event in which ticket holders can win COMBO and a rare NFT. The second is our Milestone NFT campaign in which we are collaborating with an NFT designer to create something unique for our community. More details to come later on our third event, which will be our Loyalty NFT program!

Lotto Ticket NFT

The Lotto Ticket NFT program is an event that will reward all early contributors to Furucombo Invest. Any user that stakes at least a daily average of $100 within the first week of the launch of Furucombo Invest in one of our 7 Auto-Staking Pools will get a chance to earn a Lotto Ticket. This Lotto Ticket will automatically enter holders of the ticket into the lucky draw for COMBO rewards and a special rare NFT!

All stakers can claim their NFT from our partner Project Galaxy once the snapshot has been taken. We will give the community ample time to claim their NFT before we proceed with the draws, but the lottery tickets must be claimed to be eligible for the Rare NFT and COMBO rewards. The Lotto NFTs will only be claimable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Furucombo Lotto Ticket NFT

Additionally, we have partnered with ARCx to launch our rare NFT which will be a skin for their DeFi passport. The DeFi passport will allow holders special functions once the platform is live, including a ARCx credit score that could be used to allow users with higher DeFi credit score special access to events, lower collateral loans, or high yield farms.

Winners of the skin can apply it to their passport and it will display the SDK animation when a wallet connects to their application. Winners can apply their skins by going to this link.

5 light ARCx skin NFTs will be released to the lottery ticket holders, and 5 dark ARCx skin NFTs will be released on the opensea marketplace for anyone to bid on to win with a price set at 0.3ETH. We are happy to release a sneak peek of the rare ARCx skins that can be won!

Furucombo x ARCx skin NFT

Milestone NFT

Our second NFT program is based on reaching a community goal, or a milestone. Our first milestone will be reaching 25 million in TVL into the Auto-Farming Pools on Furucombo. Once we reach this goal, then we will reward the community with an airdrop or NFTdrop of a unique NFTs that we had custom-designed from a NFT designer.

The top liquidity providers will be eligible to receive this milestone NFT as well as random community members who staked into the Auto-Invest Pools to help achieve these goals. The top liquidity providers cannot win more than 1 NFT so if they also were to win the random draw, there would be a redraw. The number of NFTs created has not yet been decided for this campaign so we will release more information to the community once it is available.

Furucombo reserves the right to change the details of the program at any time.



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