Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program — Breeding AI Superheroes

Fusemachines, at present, has transformed into a breeding ground of future superheroes — The AI People. The recently launched Fusemachines Fellowship Program has provided a platform for a total of 26 engineers to hone their artificial intelligence (AI) skills.

The fellowship primarily seeks to establish Nepal as the AI hub of South Asia. Nonetheless, there are endless possibilities for extracting AI talent with a knack for developing AI tools that will benefit society. In a discrete series of interviews, we talked to some of the participating fellows about their AI dreams. While some were a tad personal, most of them envisioned creating tools that will eventually aid society. Here’s what some of our hero prospects had to say about their “Dream AI project.”

Fusemachines is an Artificial Intelligence solutions and services provider that offers AI engineers to companies seeking to develop their capabilities in Big Data & Machine Learning. Learn more at fusemachines.com

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