Week #13 Review

Happy New Year! This holiday season has been an incredible time to hang out with family and friends, to think about 2017, and to plan ahead for 2018. I am currently sitting in a house near ski slopes and preparing for the New Years Festivities. Here’s a look back at the 2017 and what the future for FuseMe holds in 2018.

During the first 5 months of 2017, we were continuing work on our mobile application, Festo. This app showed us many positive decisions that we would like to replicate in FuseMe and many negative decisions that we would like to stay away from in FuseMe. Our marketing strategy was very strong. Our data structure and scalability were weak. Our business strategy was strong, but our market was not one that we wanted to continue pursuing. Our product was functional, but growth required an unrealistic amount of “manual scraping”. Here are some memories from Festo 2017 before our switch to FuseMe…

Running Festo was a valuable experience full of lessons that I will draw from the rest of my life. Although that was such a great experience, it was time to move on to something sustainable with a more mature engineering basis and thoughtful framework. FuseMe has been on the app store for 13 weeks now and we intend on pursuing our vision, this company, and everything that FuseMe stands for. In the upcoming year, we will be focusing on product development, business development, and brand development. One of the tools that we are going to implement which crosses both brand and business development is a FuseMe podcast. More details will follow, but this is something that we are very excited about. The tools that we will be utilizing are the Shure MV88 Lightning Port Microphone, Garageband, and the AirPod Headphones from Apple. We have been experimenting a lot with different instruments and methods to implement in our podcast for the release in the upcoming weeks.

Please stay tuned and look out for the release of our podcast in 2018. We look forward to producing a quality show and cannot wait see how our community interacts with it.

Happy New Year!
Brodie Meyer

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