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Leading DEX and Bridge Aggregator Rango Exchange Now Supports Fuse Network

Rango Exchange has extended support to the Fuse Network blockchain. Its DEX and bridge aggregators now cover the Voltage Finance DEX and the transfers to and from Fuse Network via Multichain.

The recent evolution of the crypto space has been largely defined by two trends. First, multiple layer one chains have established themselves and attracted significant user presence and transaction activity. It is becoming more and more clear that the future belongs to the crypto space with multiple chains none of which will be dominant.

In the meantime, the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has seen dramatic growth. The central component of DeFi is decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) that have been taking a growing share of the overall crypto asset trading volume.

However, while these developments are undoubtedly bullish for the long-term viability of crypto, they have also created a problem to be solved, the fragmentation of liquidity among blockchains. Many users (especially in DeFi) are not only interested in a given blockchain but rather by the opportunities offered by the whole range of chains and protocols whose exploitation often requires cross-chain interactions.

Multichain bridge platforms have gone a long way towards solving interoperability but they do not necessarily enable users to select the bridging option that best suits their needs or conveniently swap assets on one chain for those on another. This is where multichain DEX and bridge aggregators like Rango Exchange come in handy.

Creating “mega liquidity” for the crypto space

Rango Exchange (Rango) is a leading multichain platform aggregating both DEX’s and bridge protocols. It already serves users on more than 27 layer-1 and 2 blockchains. In addition to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based chains, it also supports those running on the Cosmos protocol, UTXO chains, and is working on onboarding NEAR, Cardano and other networks.

Inside the Rango app, a user can choose an asset on the starting chain and either a version of the same asset or the target chain or another supported asset on it.

The Rango protocol determines the most optimal path for the transfer/swap and offers it to the user, showing exactly which bridges and DEX’s will be involved. The transaction fees are predetermined and no additional fees are added during transaction execution.

How Fuse integrates Rango

The Fuse Network blockchain is now fully supported by the Rango protocol. Voltage Finance is the first DEX on Fuse that has been integrated into Rango’s DEX aggregator. The currently supported bridge platform for transfers to and from Fuse Network via Rango is Multichain (formerly Anyswap).

This has already enabled the listing, among others, of the following Fuse assets: FUSE, VOLT, USDT, USDC, BUSD, fUSD, WBTC, WETH, BIFI, G$ and agEUR.

In the future, Fuse will be working together with Rango to ensure the extension of support to additional DEX’s on Fuse Network, as well as interoperability platforms covering our platform.

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