Australian startups making waves in India: Cleantech, Medtech and advanced manufacturing

Breana Bunce
Jan 15, 2020 · 5 min read

India is one of the world’s most dynamic, fast paced and rapidly-developing technology markets.

Through our Access to India program, NSW-based entrepreneurs have a pathway to unlock the enormous potential the Indian market has to offer. We’re thrilled to be a cornerstone initiative of the NSW Government’s $1.6M commitment, to help grow the state’s relationship with India.

After 12 months incubation with Fusion Labs, the first cohort of Australian entrepreneurs are ready to share their progress in India, with the world. Their work includes:

  • VR therapies
  • AI engineering software
  • Decentralised solar energy
  • Next-generation DNA sequencing for newborns

The Access India cohort


This Eveleigh-based medtech company is changing the landscape of brain rehabilitation. Current therapy for patients is often boring and repetitive, leading to poor recovery outcomes.

“Over 60% of stroke-sufferers never achieve full recovery of their arms” — Dr Jodie Marquez, University of Newcastle.

Neuromersive have found revolutionary ways to combine virtual reality, haptics and functional electrical stimulation. These VR therapies make rehabilitation exercises more emotionally engaging, driving better recovery results for stroke, spinal injury and people with neurodegenerative conditions or other acquired brain injuries.

Neuromersiv has started a pilot with Kokilaben Ambani hospital, considered to be Mumbai’s #1 multi-specialty centre, offering state of the art rehabilitation services to patients from around the world.

Anshul Dayal speaking at the showcase in Mumbai


Chatswood based medtech company that has developed home test kits for screening babies and children for up to 60 serious conditions using pain free mouth swabs that are accessible via an online ordering platform, with results delivered through medical practitioners.

At the time of publishing, Bennett’s team have unlocked a number of exciting opportunities:

  • Premas Life Sciences, one of India’s largest provider of genetic testing technology, has signed on to distribute Genepath’s genomic newborn screening to their laboratories and hospitals across India. This will give Indian families access to the latest preventive health test which could save their babies life.
  • Cloudnine and Acquity Labs, who provides India’s premier newborn screening program, will also use Genepaths new test to screen 2500 newborns in a world-first study.
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, leaders in the management of genetic causes of heart disease and have partnered with Genepath to introduce genetic testing to help diagnose their patients.
Dr Bennett Shum at the accelerator showcase in Mumbai


This Newcastle renewable energy company whose technology helps better manage energy use and costs and improve electricity supply resilience. Its technology provides full visibility of solar and battery assets and optimises performance.

SwitchdIn has just been awarded a place in India’s prestigious Energy International Incubation Centre. Their cleantech solution for big energy providers managing complex distributed energy resources (like home solar panels) has been taken on by Social Alpha’s Indian Accelerator. Well done on being selected from over 150 contenders!

Andrew Mears accepting the place in India’s prestigious Energy International Incubation Centre


Provides intelligent engineering software to help local councils and water utilities save time and money by better managing faults in pipeline assets. Vapar’s web platform processes pipe CCTV footage into data and mapped visualisations with artificial intelligence used to prioritise pipe remediation works.

Amanda Siqueira speaking in Mumbai

JAR Aerospace

Media lead: Jack Cullen

A Caringbah based aviation company that specialises in the design, manufacture and systems integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for use in military, environmental, medical and industrial operations.


Media lead: David Soutar

Optimises residential solar and battery storage systems with plug’n’play sensors to maximise the return on investment and energy availability. The products core technologies are also ready for managing decentralised energy and integration with new home automation technologies.

This is already a multi award winning product.

Why India?

India is in the middle of a historic shift in economic growth, driven by:

  • Urbanisation of the world’s largest rural population
  • Informal economy shifting into a formal economy (currently only 10 per cent of India’s workers are ‘formally’ employed)
  • Growth of a young demographic: the mean age in India is now 27
  • High investment in infrastructure, and
  • The beginnings of an ambitious government program to upskill 400 million Indians

On top of this, India is experiencing massive population growth. By 2025, one-fifth of the world’s working age population will be Indian. By 2030 there will be over 850 million internet users in India. By 2035 India’s five largest cities will have economies of comparable size to middle income countries today, in fact by 2035 it will overtake the US GDP.

India will overtake US GDP in 2035 — Source: 1) International Monetary Fund. World Economic Outlook — April 2018. International Monetary Fund; 2018. 2) Treasury (AU); The Commonwealth of Australia; 2018

How Australia can contribute

Over the next 20 years, a growing India will need more of the tech and skills Australia is well placed to provide: including agricultural technologies, innovations in energy markets, health services and efficiencies across the food and water supply chains.

The underlying structural and personal complementarities between our economies set up the case for success. Australia and India have long-standing ties which are underpinned by migration and shared values.

Further reading: An India Economic Strategy: Navigating from Potential to Delivery, A report to the Australian Government by Mr Peter N Varghese AO, July 2018

Our Director of Innovation, Rob McCreery, presenting a boomerang to Mr Sanjiv Mehta, after his inspiring keynote in Mumbai

Congratulations to all the brilliant minds in the Access India accelerator, we’ve truly enjoyed collaborating with you.

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