Fusion Adds Head of Product Strategy, John Liu, to Team Roster

Team Fusion is pleased to welcome John Liu as its Head of Product Strategy.

John Liu

John Liu grew his career in the financial sector, both within investment companies and leading product teams. He’s managed portfolios of bonds, credit and equity derivatives exceeding $1 billion in exposures and worked at hedge funds like Capstone, Artesian, and King Street. On the product side, he’s built enterprise products and platforms in Risk, Portfolio Analytics, and Data used by both buy side and sell side firms, including bulge bracket banks and the top 10 asset managers in the world.

With a passion for innovation and developing what’s next, John began exploring how multiple companies were building-out financial applications using Blockchain. He was particularly interested in the vision of Fusion’s founder, Dejun Qian, and began working with the team last year (2018).

John’s excitement for the Fusion platform extends beyond its applications for finance, as he continually uncovers new applications in other industries.

Some of John’s recent thoughts have been published to the Fusion Medium Channel:

  1. Blockchain Technology Breakthrough Pushes The Global Financial Revolution Forward
  2. Realizing the ‘Internet of Value’ Now Closer Thanks to New Blockchain Technology Breakthrough

John was also responsible for the video ‘Fusion Time-Lock: 5 Use Cases for a Time-Based Transaction Ledger’

John will be participating in the AMA video with our newest partner, Automotive eXchange Platform that we are anticipating will be released early next week! Please join us in welcoming John Liu to the team!