Fusion Awarded ‘Most Valuable Project’ and COO Josie Jiang Recognized as an ‘Outstanding Contributor’ at The World Blockchain Security Conference

Nanshan, Shenzhen March 2019

Fusion received two awards at the World Blockchain Security Conference (WBSC) held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, China. The company was awarded ‘Most Valuable Project’ and Chief Operating Officer, Josie Jiang, was recognized as an ‘Outstanding Contributor.’

More than 200 industry elites and high-net-worth entrepreneurs gathered at the conference, including top scholars, technologists and industry leaders from the global blockchain security industry. Presenters and participants at the conference discussed technology industry trends, and a future of mainstream adoption of secure blockchain applications and a world-class exchange for blockchain security platforms.

Upon receiving the World Blockchain ‘Most Valuable Project’ Award, Chief Operating Officer Josie Jiang shared, “FUSION is a cross-chain, cross-organizational, cross-data source encrypted financial smart contract platform. The vision of FUSION is to establish a platform-level public chain in the era of crypto-finance, to cross different communities and tokens, and facilitate comprehensive financial functions. FUSION will also continue to explore connecting the key value transmission of centralized and decentralized organizations, and contribute to the establishing of the era of values.”

Upon being selected as the World Blockchain ‘Annual Outstanding Contributor, Josie Jiang commented, “This honor is not only a personal achievement, but also represents the strong teamwork and ability within FUSION’s research and development team. In 2018, Blockchain World promoted transparency and trust, which are central to our team’s mission. After completing the research and development of FUSION’s Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) and Time Lock technology, we successfully released Fusion’s first live network. The network introduced time-lock functionality, seamless new asset creation, short account numbers and more to the blockchain ecosystem. Our upcoming full-feature release will include an asset gateway, quantum swap user interface, and will supports Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.. Most importantly, we are promoting the development and innovation of financial blockchain, and are looking forward to brainstorming, sharing and making progress with participants in the crypto and traditional fields.”

FUSION seeks to promote financial innovation in this new digital world by providing unlimited opportunity for the future of crypto-finance across different tokens. Various tokens controlled by private keys are mapped to the FUSION public chain, and a hosting and presentation layer is formed on all blockchains and tokens to then carry out multi-currency smart contracts. With this, all existing tokens can be mapped to FUSION, and many new projects can also issue tokens on FUSION. With a large amount of value mapped to FUSION, all tokens can interact with each other. These smart contracts can enable use cases from mortgages to derivatives, and aid in building a more prosperous and innovative crypto-financial community.

The awards received at the WBSC are recognition of FUSION’s previous achievements and progress, and serve as the foundation for the future of the company’s leadership in this new era of digital business.