Fusion Releases Asset Gateway to Connect Various Digital Assets with its PSN Test Network

The Fusion Foundation has integrated its highly anticipated Asset Gateway with the Payable Staged Network (PSN) 2.0 on the 19th of April. A significant milestone for Fusion, the Asset Gateway will enable real world values to be locked-in and locked-out to and from the Fusion platform, and enable them to access all of its innovative features.

The Asset Gateway is an interim testing solution that will be replaced with Fusion’s complete interoperability protocol DCRM, after the launch of the main network.

Synchronised with the launch of the Asset Gateway, The Fusion Foundation distributed all staking rewards earned from PSN 1.0, equivalent to 205,000 ERC20 FSN tokens, valued at approximately USD$130,000 in the open market (at time of writing).

Fusion’s Asset Gateway has been flexibly built to enable any token or coin in the blockchain landscape to be easily made compatible with the Fusion platform. In this way, it is a complete parachain solution that connects any otherwise siloed blockchain to our interconnected system. ERC20 tokens, stable coins, BTC and other digital assets will be introduced to the PSN 2.0 ecosystem over the coming weeks as we continue to test out features with the community. In turn, the Fusion platform will become a rich ecosystem of economies, where any locked-in assets can seamlessly interoperate, and access all of the platform’s native features.

By combining the Asset Gateway with Fusion’s revolutionary Quantum Swap feature, Fusion has built the perfect infrastructure for peer-to-peer cross-chain transactions. This can be experienced in the Fusion Quantum Swap Marketplace which is a testing ground for these transactions and a demo of what can easily build using Fusion’s APIs. The Quantum Swap marketplace demonstrates how any Locked-in asset can be seamlessly exchanged with any other trading pair on the network. The exchange is completely feeless, unrestricted and all the parameters of the swap are entirely controlled by the user. Add time-lock into the mix and we have provided the tools for a developer to easily build a derivatives marketplace.

Lock-in and Lock-out

Fusion will be providing support through its Knowledge Centre to help users that have issues using the Asset Gateway. A user can create a support ‘Ticket’ through Zendesk and a team member will respond promptly. Alternatively users can ask for assistance in the Official Fusion Telegram channel,

There will be variable wait times for the lock-in and lock-out processes to execute especially in the early stages of testing, users are advised to be patient.