PSN 2.0 - Technical Details

The highly anticipated PSN 2.0 release is scheduled for March 28. In this article, we explore the technical improvements that have been executed in preparation for the launch of PSN 2.0, and the technical execution plan to facilitate a smooth transition to the new chain.

High-Level PSN 2.0 Deliverables

  1. Improving the overall performance of the network: speed, connectivity, communications and more.
  2. Refining the Proof of Stake consensus model.
  3. Enhancing assets with attributes and changeable supply.
  4. Building a Quantum Swap Interface.
  5. Integrating hardware wallet support (Ledger) to MyFusionWallet.
  6. Developing a model for the distribution of staking rewards.
  7. Developing an asset gateway to enable the lock-in/lock-out of ERC-20 tokens.

Technology Improvements on PSN 2.0

Fusion has made a number of improvements to the network, including:

  1. Improved error checking in the transaction APIs and logging of errors to the block explorer.
  2. New APIs to support quantum swaps and asset gateways.
  3. Improved PoS consensus mechanism for better distribution of tickets.
  4. Improved difficulty calculation to reduce chances of chain splits.
  5. Improved API calls for purchasing tickets for staking to restrict multiple ticket purchases on the same block on the same gateway.
  6. Improved boot node and discovery support to enable quicker node discovery.
  7. Improved database transaction support to ensure public block explorer stays in sync.
  8. Updated the core Ethereum code section to the stable version 1.8.16.
  9. Begun API and example documentation repository which can be found at

Getting Prepared for 2.0 Release

The snapshot of block height 6,868,000 taken from the Ethereum network will again serve as the genesis block for PSN 2.0. Therefore, any transactions that occurred on PSN 1.0 network will not be reflected on PSN 2.0.

The ERC-20 FSN and P-FSN block rewards from PSN 1.0 have been recorded and will be distributed to stakers on a PSN 2.0. In other words, no rewards will be lost!

Fusion Foundation will no longer reward stakers with ERC20 FSN on PSN 1.0 from block height 328,000. Check out this article for additional reward distribution details.

Fusion will prepare an updated guide (including a video demonstration) on how to run a node on PSN 2.0.

Technical Execution Plan for Transition to PSN 2.0

Fusion’s Technical team will execute the following actions to transition to PSN 2.0:

  1. API interface web3-fusion-extend will be updated to default chainID 88661 and published as a rpm.
  2. Start up boot nodes for PSN 2.0.
  3. Launch the PSN 2.0 server.
  4. Update wallet and auto ticket purchase programs to connect to new chainID.
  5. Publish new docker images for server and gateways
  6. Connect the Block Explorer ( to PSN 2.0.
  7. Change the password for node stats so that only new PSN 2.0 nodes are displayed.
  8. Transition all public gateways run by Fusion to point to PSN 2.0.
  9. Make a copy of PSN1.0 blockchain (Fusion does this every day).
  10. Shut down all boot nodes for PSN 1.0.
  11. Fusion staking nodes for PSN 1.0 will be shut down.
  12. A mining report will be executed against the PSN 1.0 chain using the open source program CalculateMiningRewards which can be found at

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