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5 min readOct 31, 2021


We are proud to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program! At Fusyona, we want to expand the use of blockchain and NFT technology to new markets and audiences, and we encourage those enthusiasts to join us on this incredible journey.

Inspire and educate others by sharing knowledge about our services. Create and grow our community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts, sharing information and news from Fusyona in your native language. Become part of our team and help boost our brand.

If you are passionate about the crypto community and you follow our project, we invite you to apply.

Why become a Fusyona ambassador

As a Fusyona ambassador, you will become a representative of our brand. These are some of the benefits that you will obtain by being endorsed by our company:

· Work closely with our team to grow our community together and expand the use of blockchain and NFT technology.

· Help amateurs and beginners understand more about the world of cryptos and NFTs, and how to benefit and help others using Fusyona.

· Earn rewards. Receive tokens for completing specific activities, and gain access to exclusive perks and unique features before everyone else.

· Build real-world experience in the field of blockchain and NFT. Gain authority. Add being an “Ambassador” of our brand among your badges.

· Become part of our exclusive community of ambassadors. Grow your network among other peers, experts, and influencers in this market.

· Possibility of working directly with our community and other projects with which we collaborate, always endorsed by Fusyona.

· Help create a better world. At Fusyona we have programs to incubate artists and projects, and a Donations Program for social and environmental causes. By collaborating with us, you will also be helping them.

Benefits of being a Fusyona ambassador

· Rewards in FUSY Token

· Official title and recognition in the channels, pages, and events of Fusyona

· Access to our community and other crypto communities with which we interact

· Exclusive information on official launches, news, collaborations, events, among others.

· Discount and commission offer for Fusyona products and services, for your own benefit and to share with your community.

· Training and mentoring opportunities with leaders in the crypto ecosystem.

· Networking opportunities with members, partners, influencers, and other Fusyona ambassadors.

· Unique opportunity for collaborations and alliances with other companies and projects, and possibilities for creating exclusive content, endorsed by the Fusyona brand.

Who can become a Fusyona ambassador

We know that each person has their own spark, and it is very difficult to summarize them all here. These are some guidelines that we look for in our ambassadors:

· Community Leaders: with an existing user or community base and the ability to promote Fusyona within their group/community. It can be in person or online, including social networks and chat platforms. Make your community have exclusive benefits from Fusyona.

· Experts: Specialists, teachers, speakers, bloggers, vloggers, and people with experience in the technology, cryptocurrency, NFT or other related industry. Increase your audience and gain more followers. Take the opportunity to spread your knowledge and discuss with other peer topics of your interest.

· Marketers and Content Creators: We love creative minds that have ideas out of the box. Join our community, and let’s grow together.

· Students and academia: students who are researching blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or NFT and want to be part of this fascinating and transformative technology, can also join us.

· Influencers: Community Managers, experts, traders, YouTubers, marketers, and global, regional and/or local crypto influencers. We invite you to contact us. We would love to network and collaborate!

If you are not an expert in crypto or NFTs but are willing to learn and have a keen interest, we encourage you to contact us. Similarly, if you were not mentioned in the list above, do not be discouraged. Our main requirement is to be interested in our project. If you fulfill that, write to us and maybe we can help you become an ambassador in the future, or we can collaborate in another way. At Fusyona we are full of ideas, projects, and new collaborations. Who knows if maybe you are the ambassador we were looking for.

What should a Fusyona ambassador do?

Once again, there is no one example for all ambassadors. Depending on your background, profession, and the projects where you want to collaborate, you will be able to carry out from all activities to only a few of them. We also advise that it is completely optional to participate in the activities as well as be an ambassador, and our priority is the comfort and happiness of all those who collaborate with us.

In general, ambassadors should assume a leadership role and must be interested in our project. They should have a global idea of Fusyona and be more detailed if they collaborate with a specific project.

We also ask that our ambassadors maintain an ethical and professional attitude when interacting with their community or ours, as well as with other collaborators.

At Fusyona we believe that each person excels doing what they love the most. That is why we want our ambassadors to decide how they want to contribute. It can be talking about Fusyona news and services for their community, spreading our brand, or creating great content about us.

Some tasks could include:

· Create a community or introduce Fusyona to your community so that both of us can benefit. If you have a community on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc …) or chat groups (Telegram, Discord, etc…) you can share exclusive information that we will give you, as well as promotions, discounts, news, among others.

· Give a lecture on a particular topic related to Fusyona in one of our official channels, events, congresses, etc.

· Creation of videos, courses, tutorials, posts, articles, blogs, memes, advertising, translation, etc … about Fusyona.

· Collaborate with local groups, incubators, accelerators, university groups, and other institutions to co-organize events about Fusyona.

· Invite speakers, professors, lecturers, specialists, and influencers to give talks, participate in events and organize interview and debate sessions.

There are thousands of options. Get creative and come up with cool ideas on how to build buzz around Fusyona! You can choose from some of the ideas we’ve already mentioned, or come up with entirely new suggestions.

Are there any limitations to being a Fusyona ambassador?

Not at first. We only ask that our ambassadors maintain a professional and ethical attitude. We accept ambassadors of any language, although applications must be completed in English. Currently, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking ambassadors are also widely accepted.

How to apply for the Fusyona ambassador program?

If you want to become one of our ambassadors, you just have to apply here.

If you have any questions, please write to us at info@fusyona.com

Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon!




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