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Why your business needs location-based marketing

Whether scrolling on social media sites, listening to radio, watching TV or simply walking down the street, we are all being bombarded with advertisements every step of our way. Due to this daily information overload and the fact that in today’s busy way of life, people usually have more than enough on their mind without gathering recommendations on where to eat or what to do as they are rushing to work or running an errand, most advertisements have no real effect on people anymore; they simply try their best to ignore them as they go through their everyday lives. However, that does not mean that they do not want these kinds of recommendations. In fact, they need them that much more as they often simply do not have the time to do a long and strenuous search for the best place to go eat, shop, have fun or do just about anything else; they just need them at the exactly right time in the exactly right place.

1. Location, location, location

If once this phrase meant that the business can become as successful as it is well located, things are not as simple today as the number of businesses has grown to a point where no matter where you are located, you are surrounded by competitor businesses who are trying to attract the same people as you are.

So, how to fight all this growing competition and win over customer’s hearts? The answer does not lie in the location of your business, but in the location of your potential customers.

Did you know that 72% of consumers respond to a marketing message if they are within sight of the business? With location-based marketing, you instantly achieve a win-win situation — people get recommendations that fit their current desires based on where they currently are and simultaneously, your businesses is able to promote your service in real-time, to potential customers who are within walking distance of you and are therefore that much more likely to visit your place and make a purchase.

2. Become the talk of the town

Making offers to people who are nearby your business is one of the best ways to convert bypassing crowds into new customers. According to data given by Urban Airship, location-based targeting improves response rates by up to 5 times.

Just imagine a group of by-passers hesitating whether they should for example stop for a refreshing drink or not. As they suddenly see a “two cocktails for the price of one” offer on their phone, they instantly decide to visit your bar, their impulse successfully being converted into a purchase by making an offer they simply can’t refuse. The same goes for all other potential customers nearby your business, for example hungry travellers looking for a place to grab a bite on the first day in a new city. Seeing a special offer from your place just a hundred meters away pop-up in their search, they don’t need to think twice to decide for your restaurant out of all located in their near distance. What is more, as you will start to attract that much more people to your business, it’s only a matter of time when the good word will start spreading around, turning your business into a buzzing hotspot!

3. Turn every business hour into a rush hour

Whether it’s early in the morning, right after lunch or late in the evening, every business has some hours in the day when the traffic is running slow. But taking a different perspective and looking at every passer-by as a new opportunity, businesses can easily make an offer to all those passing nearby their place in the morning for a discounted take-away coffee or croissant, in the afternoon for snacks or smoothies and in the evenings for a cocktail or a beer. Every hour suddenly holds a different window of opportunity which can attract a wide range of new customers and consequently greatly increase your profits.

4. Get to know your customers

By experimenting with different offers, you gain insight into which products or services attract more customers to your business and which less. With this valuable knowledge, you are then able to modify your regular offers according to people’s wants and needs and improve your business in a way which will benefit your customers as well as you the most. You can also use location-based offers to test how well your product will sell before adding it to your menu. If you for example want to test how profitable burgers will be for your business, you can simply make a special time limited burgers offer and then track your earnings. Noticing that your place is now booming, you can with great confidence add them to your regular menu and enjoy new profits.

Futourist Nearby Offers will help you gain visibility and increase your profits

Providing people with relevant content in real time gives both businesses and consumers the opportunity to buy and sell what they want at the moment, increasing costumers satisfaction on one hand and the profitability of the business on the other. This is why by claiming your business on Futourist, you will also be able to use Nearby Offers on our platform, an incredible feature that will enable you to attract more customers to your business by making special offers that will appear on the mobile screens of all those potential customers who will be in the near distance of your business, helping you gain greater visibility, improve your customers’ experiences, increase your operational efficiency and drive more revenue into your business.

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