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How Futourist will spice up your every day with gamification

Anja Vidrih
Oct 18, 2018 · 4 min read

With the worldwide stressfulness factor at an ultimate high — a study done by APA showed that 75% of adults experienced at least a moderate level of stress in the past month, inserting relaxing and playful experiences into our burdensome daily lives has become a long-desired yearning of many.

Do you know which activity was scientifically proven to reduce the stress hormone levels by 17%? Playing video games. If this simple free-time activity has the power to relieve stress built throughout the day, imagine how rewarding it would be if our demanding everyday lives could suddenly become as thrilling and enjoyable as the life of a player character in a video game, always full of fun challenges, exciting missions and pleasurable achievements?

Well, get ready for the rush of adrenaline to start flowing through your body as the Futourist platform will utilize gamification to make your lives exponentially more exciting, joyous and stress-free, easing up your daily searches for places, bettering your travel experiences and rewarding your helpful contributions to the world.

A journey full of quests

The Futourist platform is built in a way that enhances your daily hometown experiences as well as your travel adventures abroad by enabling you to visit each and every place worth seeing in the city of your choice while staying engaged, entertained and motivated throughout your entire journey, from searching for a place to sharing a taste of your experience with the rest of the world in the most illustrative way possible.

If one of the paramount features implemented into the Futourist platform that will make all of this possible is personalization, tailoring every experience to fit your every need perfectly, another one is definitely gamification — studies show that gamification can lead up to a 150% increase in user engagement, making it the ultimate tool for engaging users by designing a pleasing, effective and rewarding app experience.

Half the fun is getting there

Whether searching for the nearest restaurant that matches the various food preferences of your entire group of friends, planning your 30th birthday party or trying to find your way in a foreign city, Futourist is here to not only help you instantly find the best place for your current needs, but also provide you with a fun-loving experience while doing so.

Suddenly, searching for the right places and fulfilling activities will turn into an enjoyable and amusing journey, worthwhile in itself. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy scrolling through a fun-loving feed consisting of just the right mix of adventure, humour, rewards and fun surprises, navigating you through the app in the most rewarding and pleasurable way? With Futourist, the good times will just keep on (sc)rollin’!

Get your game face on

To bring the fun and games to the absolute maximum, Futourist will implement a number of badges, achievements and rewards to keep you engaged, interested and motivated during every step of your daily quests. Just imagine the pleasurable feeling of receiving the daredevil badge, awarded only to the most adventurous explorers who will dare to experience and review a number of exhilarating places and share them with other thrill-seeking enthusiasts.

To top the pleasurable and proud feeling of receiving an achievement badge for the world to see, Futourist will take the rewarding experience a step forward by giving you an actual reward for your helpful contributions to the world, allowing you to pamper yourself for doing something good and at the same time boost your willingness to help out others even more. The more helpful your contributions will be for others, the bigger rewards you will receive, motivating you to raise your game and keep improving the quality of your created and shared content.

We all strive for exploration, adventure, and travel experiences to create meaningful memories and make our lives more playful, lively and purposeful. Well, Futourist is here to make your adventures even more enjoyable and thrilling, your travel experience even more fulfilling and meaningful and your every day exciting and carefree. Are you game?🎮

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Anja Vidrih

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Marketing associate at Futourist



First review platform which rewards you for your content. Powered by custom blockchain protocol.

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