Content is king

Do you know the feeling of adrenaline rush when you suddenly get inspired by something, your creative juices start flowing through your body, everything begins to connect in unexpected ways and you just know you are onto something amazing? If that buzz of excitement urges you to start scribbling words on paper or capturing wondrous moments on film, all with the desire to share something meaningful with the world, then you probably belong to the astoundingly creative and innovative community of content creators.

It is a well-known fact that content is what makes today’s digital world go ‘round. The internet age has given people an incredible opportunity to express themselves through words, photographs or videos and to instantly share their created content with the rest of the world. Sharing on social media has become a favourite hobby of many, but for some, its artsy and imaginative nature has become so enticing, it has awakened their creative spirits and has led them to sacrificing a lot of their time and energy in order to produce incredibly unique and powerful content. Creative writers, photographers and video makers all over the world are all working hard to create meaningful and enjoyable content that will truly resonate with others and inspire them on their paths.

However, despite making astonishing content on a daily basis, most content creators struggle with getting enough recognition to make any money out of their life’s greatest passion. Only the luckiest few are able to establish some paid partnerships, while the majority of content creators are simply left behind. What is not left behind though is their content — in fact, all social media platforms have learned very well how to exploit users’ content for their own gain, making enormous revenues out of it, while not giving a second thought to the fact that the content making them rich is actually not theirs to own.

If you are a content creator, whether you are a travel blogger sharing your daily adventures with the world on Facebook or a passionate foodie capturing all your delicious experiences on Instagram, the fact of the matter is that all these social media platforms could not have even existed if it weren’t for you and your content. After all, do people visit social media sites because of the content created by the actual platforms or the content created by the users? What kind of an upside-down world are we living in where the users’ content enables platform owners to get incredibly wealthy, while the actual content creators for are not compensated for their work at all?

I think it is about time for us to finally turn things back around and start creating a better world for all of us, not just for the most powerful and wealthiest few. Futourist’s main vision is to give the power back to the people by creating a platform where all your valuable contributions will always be fairly rewarded. Finally, you won’t have to be most creative about ways to monetize your content, but instead rather focus all your creative energy on doing what you love doing most — creating content.

To make things even better, the rewarding system will be based on the quality of users’ content, meaning that creating inspiring content will always lead to higher rewards, making your path toward succeeding as an established content creator that much easier. With Futourist app, your only remaining concern will be how to create the best possible content by making the most out of your daily adventures, eagerly indulging in newer and richer experiences and always keeping a close eye for new possible inspirations. And isn’t that what being a content creator is all about?

While our team is still busy developing the Futourist app, working hard to make sure you will get the best experience possible, we kindly invite you to join us on our Social Channels and help us spread the word!


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