Arne Zabkar
Mar 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear Futourist Community,

because of your unyielding support, Futourist platform will officially go live!

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You did your part, now it’s our turn to honour the trust invested in us.

So today at 16:00 GMT, Futourist tokens became transferable. This means that you can transfer them from your wallet where they were locked until now. You can’t trade them yet, but they will be available on Bancor very soon, the exact date will be announced shortly.

Now we would like to share with you a quick recap of the plans for the year ahead.

First steps

The first quarter of 2018 will be all about creating firm foundations for the platform. First, we need to finish building our backend structure. Simply put, this is the stuff that runs in the background and makes sure everything works smooth.

Of course the platform will need to look nice and pleasing to your eyes. That’s the so-called front-end, the part you see and interact with. We are already on it because we don’t want you to run away due to a lousy user experience and poor design.

Then there’s the smart contract implementation.
In order to bring transparency and trust into the game, we are developing several smart contracts that will handle rewarding of all your content (reviews, videos, etc). Late Beta version of the product will already manifest certain transactions via Ethereum Network so get ready to review your favourite service.

Making a connection

When the backend is completed it’ll have to be connected to something. That something will be OpenHours. First OpenHours will get a complete makeover, then we’ll connect it to the Futourist reward distribution system.

And if we want to attract customers, we have to offer them something. Onboarding of new business partners has already started and we are excited for all the pilot contests and offers that will emerge from these partnerships.

Alpha & Beta

As you’ll be off somewhere nice, enjoying the summer sun, we’ll be working to bring you the Futourist alpha version. Expect this version of the platform with fully audited security features in the fall.

When the early winter days of Q4 hit, we’ll be working on optimising the user experience and testing the beta version of the platform before the big release day in 2019.

Hello, world!

2019! The Futourist platform goes public! After the new year, first pilot contest should be up and running on it. This will also mark the beginning of Futourist’s global marketing offensive to let everyone in on the action. If you read our previous blog posts this also will be the time when we start testing the Futourist token payment card and adding new features.

The crowdsale has finished but the work is just beginning and we can’t wait to get to it.

Stay with us and if this is your first time here, join our Telegram chat or join us on our Social Channels:










First review platform which rewards you for your content. Powered by custom blockchain protocol.

Arne Zabkar

Written by

COO & Co-founder at Futourist



First review platform which rewards you for your content. Powered by custom blockchain protocol.

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