Ziga Luksa
Mar 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Are you a global traveler?

Do you want to spend your cryptocurrencies on the go, including Futourist tokens? This is why Sofitto has partnered with Futourist to bring Futourist users the ability to securely store and spend using the Sofitto mobile wallet and Sofitto card.

Our card based wallet solution perfectly satisfies the needs of digital nomads, crypto enthusiasts and people, who never had experience with cryptocurrencies before. This familiar and convenient format will allow you to have your digital assets always ready to spend — no matter where you are traveling.

In addition to FTR tokens, Sofitto’s solution will allow you to store and spend selected digital currencies and tokens at participating stores and merchants, as well as making peer-to-peer payments in cryptocurrency. Later, as Sofitto’s solution expands, Sofitto will be adding the ability to support tokenized fiat currency, so you can spend your money and crypto anywhere.

Alexander Vasylchenko

Sofitto CEO, Alexander Vasylchenko: “Genuine experience is the most important asset for your travel decisions. Futourist is to create an Internet of Experiences #IoE, which you consume, create, share and now monetize.”

Futourist CEO, Ziga Luksa: “Partnership with Sofitto is a very important milestone for Futourist project. Our vision is to bring benefits of blockchain to everyday users and Sofitto payment card is one of the most important part in achieving our goal!”

We have already announced that all of our legendary supporters will receive a FREE Futourist Debit Card — which you will be able to use on the go. Our crowdsale ends in few days, so you can still get yours!

New blog about with further explanation about our partnership will be released soon.

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Ziga Luksa

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CEO & Co-founder of Futourist. Inspired by unusual details and how things intersect.



First review platform which rewards you for your content. Powered by custom blockchain protocol.

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