The last steps

Dec 16, 2019 · 2 min read

Dear followers.

After almost 3 years of trying to beat the odds with an innovative platform, Futourist is now running the last mile. The updates below are describing our last operations. It’s been a thrilling ride with a somewhat bitter ending. We’d again like to thank the supporters and contributors for this unique opportunity that was given to the Futourist team. Without you, we wouldn’t have come as far as we did.

Successful redistribution

As promised, today (16th of December 2019) the remaining Futourist assets have been successfully returned to the token holders. Beforehand, all Futourist assets have been converted into ETH and today an unbiased script returned this ETH to the wallets of all eligible token holders in the ratio of the amounts of FTR tokens located in those wallets. The Futourist redistribution is now over. now re-launched

Two developers have now finalized the MVP (minimal viable product) of the Futourist platform. It’s available for everyone to try out — visit It currently features places in the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. You can watch and post video reviews, search for the perfect place in Ljubljana or see the recently posted reviews. The platform will soon be available in open-source.


Source-code will be made available for everyone to use in the following weeks. All platform modules (front-end, back-end, and admin dashboard) will be published publicly on Instructions on how to spin up your own version of the platform will be available at at the same time.

When all of this is done, Futourist’s public channels will be closed and the remaining team members will focus on their future elsewhere.

- Futourist Team


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