Video is the present (and the future) of online content

Gorazd Rajar
Mar 12, 2018 · 4 min read

Online content is a constantly evolving phenomenon. In the 90’s textual content was the prevailing one. As the computer power all of us wield grew stronger, photos and images became the favorite. In 2005 YouTube was launched and it completely transformed the landscape of online content again. Just a year later (2006) Google bought it for over $1 billion.

It’s 2018 now, 13 years after YouTube’s debut and online video has grown to become the indisputable king of online content. Netflix has paved its way into everyone’s home. Media companies are focusing on online video just as much as TV. And at least one video is embedded in almost every web page you visit these days.

Online video statistics

Here are some of the interesting statistics about the current state of online video content.

Video content is growing in traffic as 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% of people watch videos online every day.

Half of the mobile traffic is generated by online videos. With the video trend not looking to slow down, it is estimated that by 2021 every second a million minutes of video content will cross the network.

Half of the mobile traffic is generated by online videos

The convenience of online video

As the seamless computer-brain interface is not getting close to reality, the screen and speakers are still the most convenient interface for people to consume online information.

59 percent of executives would rather watch video than read text while four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product then read about it.

We, the 21st century humans, are lazy creatures. We do not want to read, do our own research or aggregate information. We want to hit a button and have the content play in front of our eyes and ears, anywhere, anytime. We want the video to be short and informative. On top of it, we want the content to be unbiased and trustworthy (not fake). Video content can provide you with all of this, that’s why people love it. They love it so much that other types of content have become somewhat obsolete nowadays.

Where are all the video reviews!?

Another significant statistical fact, this time about video reviews:

Overall 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.

One would think if video has the power of trust, speed and convenience, web would be full of specialized pages providing video reviews of services and products. The reality is that there are no major review sites of any kind focusing on video reviews.

Example of a video review if the upcoming Futourist app

But there is this old and well known review site called YouTube (hmm, I think I mentioned it before). On YouTube, thousands if not millions of people post their travel memories, unboxing videos, restaurant reviews, fashion critiques and all sorts of other online reviews. The problem of YouTube is just one. It is not a review site. It’s just a simple video sharing site, not optimized for browsing through similar services, places or products you want to visit or buy, but rather focused on textual search. YouTube’s target audience is as broad as it can be.

Futourist will embrace video

All major review sites consist of written and photo reviews. We want to differentiate Futourist by focusing on the video review feature — the thing that has been missing from the market for a long time.

Futourist App — A Revolution in Online Reviews

With video features, Futourist will empower its users with an ability to create the most meaningful content and share it in the most convenient way for others to consume.

Video reviews will be the ones that will get rewarded the most on Futourist. It’s only natural to do so, since videos are (by far) the most trustworthy and convenient way of consuming reviews.

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First review platform which rewards you for your content. Powered by custom blockchain protocol.