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How personalization will reshape the way we travel

Anja Vidrih
Sep 20, 2018 · 4 min read

We travel to experience the world, to fully immerse ourselves into its diversity, full of endless possibilities, as tremendously versatile as are all of today’s world travellers — from extreme adventurers to passionate foodies, each traveller embarks on their journey to fulfil their own dreams, shaped by a unique combination of their deepest desires, wants and needs. However, as amazing as one’s dreams may sound, unfortunately, current travel websites and guides are more often than not of little help in turning them into a reality as they do nothing more but list the destinations’ most popular sights while completely ignoring the travellers’ specific preferences.

It is clear to see that a significant change is needed and luckily, like a breath of fresh air, Futourist is coming to uncover this vast hidden potential and use it to provide people with the ultimate personalized travel planner, finally enabling all travellers a meaningful, pleasurable, rewarding and a worry-free experience throughout their entire journey.

A sneak peak of the Futourist guide — a personalized travel planner, made just for you

One size does not fit all

A study by the UNTWO showed that just in 2017, destinations worldwide welcomed an astonishing number of 1,323 million international travellers, rising 84 million from the year before. As the number of the world’s travellers exponentially grows, so does their desire to stray away from „one size fits all“ guides and seek out tailor-made travel experiences.

69% of travellers want a personalized travel experience, catered to their personal travel history and preferences.

If the “top 10 sights” or “the best 5 attractions” were once the most searched items when planning a trip, today’s travellers are getting tired of the same vague propositions and are craving more personalized, local-guided, off the beaten path experiences, which perfectly match their own characteristics, food diets and personal interests.

Futourist will personalize every step of your journey

The future is personal

If the older generations might still view personalization as a highly welcomed, but a luxurious treat, for millennials, it has become a hardwired expectation. Being true digital natives and growing up in an on-demand world, where each individual’s wants are anticipated and catered to, younger generations understand the need for businesses to collect data in order to give them tailored content, services, and experiences, which is why most of them are completely comfortable with sharing their personal data in return for value.

A whopping 83% of Millennials would let travel brands track their digital patterns if this would provide them with a more personalized experience.

Data-driven approach and machine learning make identifying each and every traveller’s favourite destinations, interests and food preferences more possible than ever, providing a crucial understanding of who they are and what they need and consequently enabling travellers the meaningful personalized travel experience they desire.

The Futourist guide will take you on a daily adventure of customized experiences

The world in your own way

There is nothing worse but having to scroll through numerous travel lists only to find various cultural landmarks and other popular sights which are of no interest to you at all. What every traveller wants is to be able to make every day abroad the most fulfilling and enjoyable possible, eagerly discovering only the parts of the city that feel like they were made just for them.

Well, everything you have dreamed of will soon become a reality — the Futourist platform will provide you with unique personalized travel guides, taking you on a day filled with customized experiences which will perfectly fit you, leaving you completely worry-free and enabling you to just immerse yourself in your chosen destination.

Futourist will provide you with a vast variety of personalized theme guides

If you are for example a nature lover, that means a pre-planned day full of relaxing in nature, listening to the sounds of birds and eating plant-based food. If you are a photo hunter, that means a day filled with exploring the most unique and best-looking places where you can capture the most awe-inspiring shots. Whatever your personal characteristics, desires and circumstance, with Futourist, every day will hold an amazing opportunity to turn into the perfect getaway, taking you on exciting experiences which will make you feel like the world was made just for you.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of your lifetime?

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Anja Vidrih

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