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Fanalyze Aims to Put Better Betting Data in the Hands of the Fans

The FUTRSPRT Interview Series: Fanalyze Co-Founder Juan Juan

Courtesy of Fanalyze

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By Matt Bowen

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FUTRSPRT Interview Series presents conversations with some of the sharpest minds in sports tech. Leaving no angle of competition or fan experience unscathed FUTRSPRT showcases those creating the future of sports right before our eyes.

As we prepare for the golden age of sports gambling in America many typical fans may be very interested in laying down a wager yet don’t due to lack of time to research.

Enter Fanalyze, a budding fantasy sports data app to assist in cashing out at the end of the day. In fact, Fanalyze is the №1 “fantasy sports search engine on Google.” Think Fanalyze is just another “dime-a-dozen” sports data resource? Fanalyze has momentum on its side in the form of a winning streak. Here are some of its accomplishments since the beginning of 2020:

  • Accepted to Sportradar Accelerator Program
  • Accepted to HYPE Sports Innovation Accelerator
  • Won Pitch of the Day at Colosseum Sports Tech Demo Day
  • Winner of the Pitch Competition at Sports Betting USA Conference
  • Winner — 2 Minute Drill hosted by David Meltzer

For any fan that wants to get in on the action, Fanalyze offers a robust menu of data that frees up more time to actually watch and enjoy the games themselves. Its accolades are rather astounding at this point, which sells the product itself.

Courtesy of Fanalyze

Speaking with co-founder Juan Juan one thing is evident — he’s one of the most dedicated founders FUTRSPRT has ever spoken with — his resilience is a thing of beauty. For that, Fanalyze is something that should be on everyone’s radar.

Fanalyze Co-Founder Juan Juan — Courtesy of Fanalyze

What led to the creation of Fanalyze?

“When I started playing fantasy football, I felt the pain of how long it took to do weekly research. I had to speed it up. I asked my friend and Co-Founder, Chris Longboy if we can build software to aggregate the right data points and place them in one location. That led us to create Fanalyze.”

What tech in your personal life has your attention right now?

“My Apple Watch has been captivating recently along with using voice on my iPhone to complete tasks with scheduling, reminders, searching and basic questions.”

What will sports data look like 24 months from now?

“I believe sports data will be accessible from various sources. You will be able to access sports data from your mobile phone, smartwatch, smart home devices using voice, on your television, and kiosks at sportsbooks. Real-time sports data and analysis will be available as live in-play betting becomes a popular way of betting.”

Courtesy of Fanalyze

In three years, Fanalyze will offer _______ to sports fans?

“In three years, Fanalyze will offer data and analysis for the top 10 global sports along with winning predictive analytics. We will have live in-play analysis and allow users to use voice to request any sports data that they want.”



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