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Icon Source is Becoming a Pillar for Athletes to Market Themselves

The FUTRSPRT Interview Series: Icon Source Founder Chase Garrett Leads by Example as the Industry Enters Familiar Territory

Courtesy of Icon Source

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By Matt Bowen

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FUTRSPRT Interview Series presents conversations with some of the sharpest minds in sports tech. Leaving no angle of competition or fan experience unscathed FUTRSPRT showcases those creating the future of sports right before our eyes.

If one were to ask Icon Sports Founder Chase Garrett what he wanted to be when he grew up you’d likely get an interesting answer. Knowing where he’s been and most importantly, where he’s going it’s highly commendable that Garrett writing the unwritten.

Pro Motocross rider who then attended college @ UCF — Indeed.

Deciding to become an agent for athletes like himself, Garrett took a job at Red Bull in 2012 where he ran the athlete marketing group.

The rest is cake, right? Garrett, with the Red Bull logo under his belt was living on Easy St…. think again. Garrett want something more. He wanted a challenge. He didn’t want Easy St., he wanted to forge his own path to success. Sure, Red Bull helps open doors but Garrett is a true entrepreneur, welcoming the unknown.

Garrett wanted to build a two-sided marketplace for athletes and agents to find opportunities.

Today, Icon Source is thriving. Not only does the company cater to 700 pro athletes, with Name, Image, and Likeness(NIL) rights opening up to college athletes, Icon Source is just that, thee source.

“Since NIL took hold, the script has flipped. We’re getting 200-plus daily emails inquiring about our services vs. sending out that many in the past”, says Garrett.

Courtesy of Icon Source

In your personal life, what tech has your attention right now?

“I live in Colorado and love to be outdoors, mountain biking and snowboarding a lot. Garmin watches have changed the way outdoor enthusiasts can explore.”

Chase Garrett — Courtesy of Icon Source

What’s Next for Icon Source?

“We have strong [preexisting] relationships that have opened doors to hard-to-reach clientele. Next, we go after brands. We’ve been growing by word-of-mouth, not afraid to test new methods for success. Regarding the collegiate space, we have a full marketplace[up-and-running] that allows athletes to scout for and sign contracts along with receive payments.”

Courtesy of Icon Source

How have you grown as a leader the past six months?

“I’m really excited to grow a business. I learned a lot from my time at Red Bull and am ready to make this something special. I know if we can sell the story, we can attract great talent.”

In three years Icon Source is known for ________?

“Revolutionizing the ability for brands to connect with athlete influencers.”

Garrett knows what it takes from experience. He’s lived it. “Takes one to know one” — for any athlete looking for marketing opportunities Icon Source has “walked a mile in their shoes.”

Courtesy of Icon Source




Home of the bi-weekly podcast covering the ever-changing intersection between sports and technology. Created by Bram Weinstein and Simon Ogus.

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Home of the bi-weekly podcast covering the ever-changing intersection between sports and technology. Created by Bram Weinstein and Simon Ogus.

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