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Olympic Games Beijing 2022: SportsTech Takes Center Stage

News Roundup from Olympic SportsTech

Image Credit: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

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By Matt Bowen

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The Olympics have always featured one thing — superior athletes fueled by the most cutting-edge technology of the times. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are no different not only for the athletes but the fans.

Right before our eyes, sportstech is evolving like a graceful figure skater, whose expected score is displayed in real-time based on form and execution during the routine.

If you’ve watched any Normal Hill Ski Jumping you may have noticed Launch Angle, a metric common to baseball.

Screen Capture of Peacock’s Live Broadcast

While the education is suttle during the broadcasts NBC’s dedication to sportstech is omnipresent these Olympic Games. This is great for the future of sports as it’ll take the best and brightest minds to create the next great athlete, sport, fan experience.

Outside of the in-action displays and the long-term educational goals centered around sportstech these Olympic Games promise to continually display new applications of sportstech.

Please see the following for interesting insights involving the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Video/Broadcasting: Don’t look past Sports Video Group for the best coverage in the business.

From NewscastStudio, “the Olympic Broadcast System will utilize a workforce of over 4,300 to produce 6,000 plus hours of content which will be distributed to rights holders around the world.”

Olympic Broadcast Systems Coverage:

Source: NewscastStudio.com

For those wondering, NBC will broadcast over 2,800 hours of coverage.


Who needs a drink?


The digital yuan is the official currency.

Smart Sleep:

Peak performance is linked to sleep and this bed is all the rage.

Opening Ceremony:

According to Deng Xiaoci at Global Times sportstech dominated the Opening Ceremony.

“High-tech elements such as 5G, Internet of Things and AI technology accounted for 60 percent of the performance’s innovation on Friday.”

The Games to Come:

Expect a myriad of mind-bending records to be broken during these Olympics thanks to sportstech. Need further evidence?



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