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The FUTRSPRT Interview Series: Watch Skins Co-Founder Collin Knock

Watch Skins is Crafting Its Way into Collectable Couture

Courtesy of Watch Skins

By Matt Bowen

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FUTRSPRT Interview Series presents conversations with some of the sharpest minds in sports tech. Leaving no angle of competition or fan experience unscathed FUTRSPRT showcases those creating the future of sports right before our eyes.

FUTRSPRT’s Matt Bowen spoke with Collin Knock, Founder and CEO of Watch Skins & Crypto Watches. What was unearthed was exciting — what Knock & Company are doing hints at the future of sports merchandise and collectibles. Who doesn’t want to own a truly 1-of-1 licensed product that features their favorite team?

What is Watch Skins & Crypto Watches today and how did they come to be?

Watch Skins is the world’s first marketplace for blockchain authenticated collectible smartwatch faces. It started a little over a year ago when I had just gotten a new Apple watch. I was really excited about the new faces they had, and when I went to show my friend — he was wearing the exact same face as me!

That started me down the path of researching an app to create custom smartwatch faces. I found more choices available in the secondary market, but there was still no scarcity. And it stood out how much piracy is happening to all of the various brands and their intellectual property.

The eureka moment was realizing that we could use the blockchain to not only guarantee scarcity by issuing provable limited quantities, but we could prove authenticity as well. That meant we could give brands a massive new opportunity to sell licensed products.

Crypto Watches is our entirely virtual blockchain fashion brand. It’s a first of its kind, cutting-edge combination of fashion and tech. As the first brand that will be available on the Watch Skins marketplace, it proves the concept to other brands that are interested in the technology.”

Courtesy of Watch Skins

Outside of the company’s core tech, what tech captivates you in your private life?

“Cars are a huge passion of mine. Like a lot of guys, there’s a fascination with pushing the performance envelope, and the automotive industry is always doing that. Other gear and gadgets frequently get my attention, because more than any single specific tech is an interest in continual improvement. Technology is the expression of innovation, and new ideas generally captivate me the most.”

What is Watch Skins and Crypto Watches next tech move? (New product/market/vertical)

“Currently, Watch Skins is working to license major brands in order to bring them to our customer’s smartwatches. With that, we’re focusing on the ability to integrate features that are more specific to an individual’s interests.

We believe that smartwatch capabilities are vastly underutilized, and we’re working to offer unique experiences tailored to a user’s preferences. A sports-themed watch face will look very different and do very different things than a music-themed watch face. The next move is to merge fashion with a higher level of functionality and brand experience.”

Collin Knock — Courtesy of Watch Skins

As a leader, how are you challenging yourself over the next 12–18 months?

“A major challenge in the world of blockchain has been to bring that technology to the masses, and I think Watch Skins is the perfect project to do that. In the next 12–18 months it means strengthening relationships, adding new partnerships and continuing to relentlessly execute on our objectives.”

Courtesy of Watch Skins

In three years Watch Skins and Crypto Watches is known for _____?

“Completely transforming the digital collectible market and the experience of the smartwatch.”

Courtesy of Watch Skins


FUTRSPRT knows a few things are certain — Sports, fashion, and culture will forever dance in unison… and will live on the blockchain in some manner.

Watch Skins and Crypto Watches are onto something.



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