New Jersey artist offers “art direction” along with abstract paintings, sculptures, and masterpiece interpretations

Charles Palminteri with his interpretation of a Modigliani masterpiece

“You could probably use an art director for your office or home,” says Charles Palminteri. “You probably didn’t know that.”

He claims that good art direction can benefit employees or family members in ways that many of us fail to appreciate. “Working with an art director, you’re doing more than filling blank walls or finding the right colors,” he says. “You’re inspiring the minds and spirits of everyone who enters the space.”

And Palminteri, being an artist as well as art director, also creates the fine art that fills his clients’ spaces.

All of Palminteri‘s creations complement the decor of their intended environment, like this painting for a corporate waiting room.
This painting energizes the New Jersey offices of a company targeting international markets.
A Palminteri created for Turner Smith, an attorney in New York City. Hanging on Smith’s dining room wall, it’s designed to relax and impress clients and friends alike.

Palminteri often begins with a photograph of a blank wall, then superimposes images of alternative paintings. Then he consults with the client before completing and installing the finished work. “The idea is to reflect the client’s spirit, brand, and purpose,” he says, “not just fit the decor.”

Photo of blank wall of Turner Smith’s dining room and three possible paintings, “Photoshopped” onto the wall to aid selection

A resident of Parsippany, NJ, Palminteri is an abstract painter of the action school. Many of his works are purchased by architects for office buildings and executive homes in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Florida.

Owners of Palminteri originals may request exclusive spinoffs such as scarves, tote bags, or other items. “This extends the work by multiplying its design and making it mobile,” he says. “While anchored to the wall, the design becomes more universal and powerful.”

A Palminteri original on a living-room wall with model “repeating” the design via her dress
Another Palminteri original with model “repeating” the design via her dress
Another Palminteri original with model “repeating” the design, with tote and t-shirt

Business clients may utilize the “design extension” concept to amplify the impact of fine art that hangs in their lobby or meeting room.

Just for fun, Palminteri occasionally creates “Fabulous Fakes” — interpretations of famous masterpieces.

Palminteri’s “Fabulous Fake” of an iconic still life by Paul Cezanne

Palminteri is also a sculptor. Utilizing a variety of media, he creates abstract works that reflect modern times.

This tower sculpture is made of discarded electronic components, then gilded. It invites conversation in the entry area of a New Jersey apartment.

While diverse, Palminteri’s works are unified by a single focus: results-oriented art direction.

Art directors, as distinguished from interior decorators, have special training that can transform any living or working environment, Palminteri explains. “We don’t just beautify. We energize. We optimize physical and psychological spaces with carefully chosen design and functional decor as well as compelling works of art.”

Palminteri has exhibited at many galleries including Abstract Expressions, Mt. Holly, NJ; Gaelen Gallery, Whippany, NJ; Greenwood Sculpture Gardens, Short Hills, NJ; and Block Gallery, Montclair, NJ.

A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Palminteri attended the Arts Students League and the Chinese School of Brushwork in New York City. He is also a well known commercial artist and graphic designer whose clients include many Fortune 500 companies.

“I’m filling a niche that combines fine art with environmental and psychological composition,” he says. “Kind of like Picasso as interior designer.”

He may be reached at, cpalmi @ (973) 464–2922 or (973) 335–3699.

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