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UPDATE: Signs of “connected consciousness” detected on global scale

At times of global crisis or celebration, do our minds somehow merge in a detectable way, like the lights in this image? ESA/NASA
Roger Nelson, GCP Director, shown with detection device used at monitoring locations around the globe.

Although the evidence has been known by specialists for years, it has grown so strong it now warrants public attention. And it comes at a time when the materialistic assumptions of traditional science, particularly physics, are being challenged.

Global Consciousness Project locations Image source: Google Maps

The Research in a Nutshell

When events engage millions of minds and hearts at once, structure seems to emerge out of what would otherwise be randomness.

Output of Global Consciousness Project computers on 9/11/2001 Image source: Global Consciousness Project
Aggregate results of Global Consciousness Project studies through August 2014 Image source: Global Consciousness Project

The Bottom Line?

Why Is It News Now?

This far exceeds the bar for statistical significance used in many fields, such as medicine and weather forecasting.

Long-term Significance

Is a “mental symphony” tuning up? Image sources: musical notes, ClipArt Best; earth, NASA

Social Implications Today

Research Background

Roger Nelson, Director of Global Consciousness Project (GPC)

Deeper Explanation

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