UPDATE: Signs of “connected consciousness” detected on global scale

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At times of global crisis or celebration, do our minds somehow merge in a detectable way, like the lights in this image? ESA/NASA
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Roger Nelson, GCP Director, shown with detection device used at monitoring locations around the globe.

Although the evidence has been known by specialists for years, it has grown so strong it now warrants public attention. And it comes at a time when the materialistic assumptions of traditional science, particularly physics, are being challenged.

The measured effect, though faint and fickle, is statistically significant to an extremely high degree, according to the researchers. It shows up during times of crisis or celebration, such as an earthquake or New Year’s Eve, when millions of people focus on the same thing at the same time.

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Global Consciousness Project locations Image source: Google Maps

The Research in a Nutshell

The detection system is a global network of random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling. Up to 70 are active at any one time. Each RNG outputs a continuous stream of completely unpredictable zeroes and ones. The stream ordinarily averages out at 50% ones and 50% zeros, just as flipping coins tends to produce roughly equal heads and tails over time. The RNG data are transmitted to a central archive for later analysis.

When events engage millions of minds and hearts at once, structure seems to emerge out of what would otherwise be randomness.

The global network departs a bit from the normal generation of random ones and zeros. The RNGs’ behaviors become slightly correlated and the system as a whole appears to shift toward coherence.

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Output of Global Consciousness Project computers on 9/11/2001 Image source: Global Consciousness Project
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Aggregate results of Global Consciousness Project studies through August 2014 Image source: Global Consciousness Project

The Bottom Line?

“We can conclude,” says Nelson, “that there really are effects of consciousness in the world, unexpected correlations in our network of random devices. Something is going on, and the most likely conclusion is that there is an interconnection of consciousness at deeply hidden levels between people and among people across the globe.”

Why Is It News Now?

Results of the GCP studies have been published on many occasions over the past 16 years, but never widely noted by the general media. Now may be the time to start paying attention.

This far exceeds the bar for statistical significance used in many fields, such as medicine and weather forecasting.

Odds against chance ranging from 20-to-one to 100-to-one are commonly considered sufficient. The certainty level is set unusually high for the Higgs Boson; data for validating its existence are considered acceptable if they exceed one in 3.5 million. The GCP level of statistical certainty is now more than 285,000 times greater than that.

Long-term Significance

Small indications often portend big developments. Tenuous evidence of connected consciousness might be the sprouting seed of something. What?

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Is a “mental symphony” tuning up? Image sources: musical notes, ClipArt Best; earth, NASA

Social Implications Today

Solid evidence that consciousness is global and mutual could have a salutary effect by prompting reconsideration of the assumption dominating our era: that matter rules. But what if mind rules? That’s the big question implied by the research; and a widespread consideration of it could prove liberating.

Research Background

Controlled laboratory research on interactions of consciousness with physical random systems began in the 1960’s. Helmut Schmidt at Boeing Laboratories conducted the first large database experiments, followed by other researchers through the 60’s and 70's.

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Roger Nelson, Director of Global Consciousness Project (GPC)

Deeper Explanation

Nelson supplies a more nuanced picture of the research in a Q-and-A exchange with the author:

About the Author

Richard Samson is director of the EraNova Institute and has served as a consultant to IBM, AT&T, and other large organizations. His future-focused articles have appeared in Medium and in The Futurist Magazine, published by the World Future Society. His books include The Mind Builder, Creative Analysis, The Language Ladder, and Mind Over Technology.


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