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Image credit: Jessie Eastland

99 Reasons 2016 Was a Good Year

Some of the biggest conservation successes in generation


Huge strides forward for global health

Image credit: Bloomberg

Political and economic progress in many parts of the world

Image credit: Global Citizen
Image credit: NY Post

We finally started responding seriously to the climate change emergency

Image credit: Global Daily

The world got less violent

Image credit: Medium

Signs of hope for a life-sustaining economy

Image credit: Vox

Endangered animals got some well-deserved breaks

Image credit: IISD
Image credit: NY Post
Image credit: Huffington Post

The world got more generous

Image credit: Open Society Foundations
Image credit: Gates Foundation




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Angus Hervey

Angus Hervey

From Melbourne and Cape Town, with love. Political economist and journalist, and co-founder of futurecrun.ch

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