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The Future Labs stage at The AI Summit, New York. Images: Caroline Sinno Photography LLC

2019 outlook: AI research to real-world application

In the first of 6 posts about the Future Labs stage at The AI Summit, New York, we explore key takeaways from industry experts, academic pioneers, and enterprise leaders discussing the next 12–24 months of AI

Insights across industries

Our goal was to show how research in AI translates into high-impact use cases, reshaping the way companies work. These industry-specific areas where AI is reaching unprecedented speed and scale include:

Daniel Sodickson, professor & vice chair for research, Department of Radiology; investigator, Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research; director, Bernard & Irene Schwartz Center for Biomedical Imaging; NYU Medical School
Liz Maida, CEO, co-founder, UpLevel Security
Luc Vincent, VP, Autonomous Driving, Lyft

Connecting AI to commerce

For each of these examples, reaping the benefits of AI requires rethinking traditional infrastructures, from how machines ‘see’ to how data is organized and managed. A key theme of our track was the importance of thinking holistically about AI rather than shoehorning it into an existing customer experience or tech stack.



Discussing the present and future of AI, AR, VR, Blockchain and other technology impacting startups and society.

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Future Labs

The Future Labs at NYU Tandon offer the businesses of tomorrow a network of innovation spaces and programs that support early stage startups in New York City.