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Focus | Blockchain brought together a panel moderated by Craig Wilson (far left) featuring (left to right) Nicholas Chirls, Marie Leaf, Shawn Cheng, and Adam Carver

Beyond the hype: What’s next for blockchain?

Has enthusiasm for blockchain truly waned or is the technology just getting started? After turbulence in the crypto markets, the public blockchain has taken a beating. But the experts at our Focus | Blockchain event aren’t counting out anything

The single source of truth

Ricardo Olivieri, from IBM Blockchain Cloud Garage, delivers the keynote

Blockchain, the industry disruptor

The trilemma of blockchain

Proof of stake and proof of work: Pros, cons, conflicts



Discussing the present and future of AI, AR, VR, Blockchain and other technology impacting startups and society.

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Future Labs

The Future Labs at NYU Tandon offer the businesses of tomorrow a network of innovation spaces and programs that support early stage startups in New York City.