Delight and dissonance on the Future Leaders Scheme (FLS)

It is hard to learn to love this unfolding story of mine.

Image of Coventry University library building in the foreground with campus buildings and green trees in the background; there are blue skies and fluffy clouds.
Gif of Doctor Who (played by Jodie Whittaker) saying, “I’m just a traveler.”
Gif of Moiraine Damodred (played by Rosamund Pike) from the TV series ‘The Wheel of Time’. She is powerfully drawing magic from her surroundings as a member of a magical organisation.
Gif of middle-aged white man wearing a suit drinking from a cup of tea/coffee from the TV series ‘Madam Secretary’ saying, “This is Washington; I can fully cooperate without giving them anything.”

Breaking through constraints

Image by Molly Costello. Caption: “I know our horizons hold danger and uncertainty and I know they hold something deeply nurturing, connecting, inviting…and we are building it together slowly and subversively. I believe in our determination, our care, our capacity to imagine, organize and build.“ h/t Cassie Robinson.

Belonging casts a deep shadow

Gif of Narissa (played by Peyton List) from the TV Series ‘Picard’ saying, “Resistence is futile.” Narissa is on the borg ship; she is a Romulan spy and member of the Zhat Vash.

Words can build bridges…and they can build walls

Gif of Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) from the TV Series ‘The OC’ saying, “You’re a Cohen now, welcome to a life of insecurity and paralysing self-doubt.” Seth is stood in the kitchen of his house (opposite Ryan Atwood) wearing a red striped polo shirt; Ryan is wearing a black t-shirt.

Radical interpretations

Gif of Naomi Nagata (played by Dominique Tipper) from the TV series ‘The Expanse’ saying, “You underestimate my ability to break things.” As the spaceship’s engineer, she is stood next to some futuristic technology looking to fix it (or break it).

Where to from here?



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Nour Sidawi

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