Fail like McGregor — Challenge the Best

Last night was one of two boxing matches I have watched in my entire life. The sport has rarely interested me and the times it has the fights were disappointing at best. Last night was different for some reason. For some reason I was drawn into the fight. Maybe it was the hype, maybe it was intrigue of the confidence of a man switching back to a sport he once abandoned or perhaps something else. Be that as it may, for whatever reason I was intrigued. I was fortunate enough that my good friend and realtor, Joe Polyak (shameless endorsement) was gracious enough to host the event at his house with some other close friends. Had he not offered, I am not certain I would have watched it at all.

As I stood there watching the fight unfold, something impacted me harder than the punches landed in the ring. Conor McGregor, once a mere plumber’s apprentice, just made one hundred million dollars… to lose.

Let that set in — he made one hundred million dollars to lose.

He made this opportunity for himself all because he captivated the headlines and had the audacity to challenge the best. In his defeat, he made millions of dollars in endorsements and established himself as a household name across the world.

This should teach us all to never doubt the power of our words, and teach us to choose them wisely.

I remember a story that the secret to success is to learn to make good choices. Furthermore, the way to learn to make good choices is by making the wrong ones and failing accordingly. The trick is not just to fail but to fail well. In McGregor’s loss, there are millions to be made and we will all most likely be drawn in to yet another fight. It may be a rematch or otherwise but this is undoubtedly not the end for McGregor.

In order to learn and do well, we must set high goals and challenge the best. In doing so, may we all be as fortunate to lose and to fail like Connor McGregor.