Resilience needs Creativity

It has been said a thousand times but I’ll say it again. In order to get through the hard times you need resilience. Resilience isn’t taught but it is tested time and time again. It can seem that some people just seem to have it more than other. It is normal to compare your troubles against other person’s to rank your troubles and your resilience handling the situation.

Resilience isn’t just a measure of how many punches life can throw your way. Resilience uses creativity to problem solve. If you’re going to overcome an obstacle you need to think creatively. The typical play book went out the window as soon as the problem can into your life.

Problem solving tends to be the creative practice of people that don’t view themselves as creators/ artists. They come up with solutions because they are observant, curious, self-disciplined and leaders.

When starting a project you will need to use creativity beyond just creating. Problems will likely arise with resources, communication, logistics, motivation, etc. Projects always come with a new batch of problem which is why some people don’t finish what they started.

Accept that challenges will happen. When they show up have your big stick ready to knock them down.

Go out and create, then problem solve, and start creating again.

Elizabeth Lam