How fast are you aging?

Bryan Johnson
Future Literacy
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3 min readNov 8, 2022


I bet you know…

  • how much money is in your bank account
  • your social media follower count, and
  • your body weight

But, do you know how fast you are aging?

A cool new test, based upon the latest and greatest in aging science — can tell you. My results from last month marked my pace of aging at 0.76:

Generally speaking, this means that for every 365 days, I age 277 days. A score of 1.4 would mean that, for every 365 days, you’d be aging 511 days.

Even just being slightly above an aging rate of 1 biological year/chronological year can increase your risk of death by 56% in the next 7 years and increase your risk of a chronic disease diagnosis by 54% over the next 7 years. Yikes!

Some of us are frugal with our money, others are spendthrifts. The same is true with how people manage their health and aging. Up until now, it’s been hard to precisely manage our aging because we haven’t had the equivalent of an aging bank account. Now we do.

How many aging life points is it going to cost you to get wasted and stay up all night? What about sleeping under your desk?

What might a daily calculator of aging points look like?

1) Blueprint diet of Super Veggie + Nutty Pudding = +24 life points

2) Getting wasted = -15 points

3) Sleeping under your desk = -5 points

For years, sadly, I accepted the grind narrative associated with being an entrepreneur while building Braintree Venmo. Days without sleeping was legend. Ragged state of being a badge of honor. Now I’m trying to make up for that.

Self harm, while currently normalized and even encouraged throughout all facets of society, will soon become frowned upon. I can imagine in the future we’ll toss the idea of self harm aside and say, that’s silly. Why would anyone do that?

My goal with Blueprint is to remain the same age biologically for every 365 days of chronological time. This requires a) maximally slowing aging processes and b) reversing aging that has and continues to happen.

Via Blueprint, I’ve endeavored to eliminate all bodily self harm by demoting my mind. Data and science now determine what and when I eat. It has resulted in near perfect health markers. Like Ulysses, I bound my mind to the mast to prevent the Sirens song from destroying my ship.

The only thing we get for free in life is our existence. How we spend our life points is the most precious question of all.

Bryan Johnson

P.S. Micromorts, a one-in-a-million chance of death, is another way of thinking about quantifying life decision making.

P.P.S. I used the Truage PACE test (get 10% with off) to find out my rate of aging.



Bryan Johnson
Future Literacy

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