Influencer Marketing in the New World of E-Sports

A week of varied content, the theme underpinning being the continued development of genuinely innovative technology in the martech space. Read on for AI/ML applied to…

  • Gamify reader engagement
  • Influencer matching in the crazy world of e-sports
  • Ad-placement — the lingering smile at the end of the episode? Enter Colgate.

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Impact of AI

Retailer DXL sees 6.5% engagement boost with AI-powered branded content​
InHabit, a content product developed by Arkadium, automatically inserts a relevant interactive editorial unit designed to engage readers. The impact of the product is encouraging — read how DXL increased campaign engagement rate by 6.5% and measured an average dwell time of 21.6 seconds. It’s a double whammy of better content that’s contextually relevant.


The Financial Times is using game mechanics to lower subscriber churn
Would you engage more with a publication if you could track what you’d learnt from it? The product team at the FT believe so. Knowledge Builder is a system that allocates topic points to articles. The feature, designed to i) increase engagement, ii) guide to suitable content and iii) reduce ‘filter-bubble’ effects, is personalised and non-trivial. An interesting concept — highly recommended read.

Targeting & Privacy

EU consumer groups accuse Google of violating GDPR with location history
Consumer groups of the BEUC network have filed complaints with a number of data protection regulators relating to purported ‘deliberate deception’ by Google on how it captures and uses smartphone location data. The meat of the claim comes down to i) transparency and ii) whether not location privacy is a viable choice in using the wider product suite. Location data is extremely valuable — companies reliant on such information will be watching closely.


NBCUniversal taps Machine Learning to tie ads to relevant moments on TV
NBCU’s Contextual Intelligence Platform analyses programming scripts, closed captioning data and visual descriptors of both ads and shows to find opportune moments for advertisers to appear (as well as an emotional gauge for each scene determined algorithmically). It’s commonly known that viewing demographics determine advert programming, but the granularity providing by this machine learning method is unprecedented.

Deal of the Day

Matchmade raises $4.8 million for influencer game marketing
The influencer marketing wave is showing no signs of slowing down — a business insider report fore-casted influencer ad spend to reach between $5 billion and $10 billion in 2022 (a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38%). The meteoric rise of e-sports and streaming is even more prominent — no surprises then that Helsinki based Matchmade has scooped up a $4.8m Series A.

Education and Advice We Rate

Questions to ask your agency about Martech​
Building a Martech stack is not easy — an ongoing puzzle/Jenga tower that grows in cost and complexity springs to mind. Michael Sengbusch walks through what you should be asking your agency (and yourself) — aided by the one and only Scott Brinker of Enjoy!

AI in Marketing — taking a look into 2019
Ad-man and AI consultant Daniel Winterstein reveals what an AI thinks the biggest trends are for AI in Marketing, based on existing patterns. He then overlays these findings with human insight to predict any breaking changes we might expect to see in 2019.

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