How become a designer

During my last year in high school I was like you, lost. I didn’t have any idea about what to do, what I good at… My main problem was that I wasn’t so bad everywhere but nowhere exceptional. I was between my desire to go in creative area tired by mathematics, literature, science and all these classic shits and continue in a engineer area to not be too much disconnected to the ordinary things. Obviously my parents push me to the second option and I chose it. Let’s go to engineer school.

Mathematics in the morning, mathematics in the afternoon and mathematics in the night, that was the program. It wasn’t super fun, it was super difficult but the most problem was that I wasn’t interested at all. I failed the exams and after three months the adventure was finished. After that I spend the rest of the year in small jobs to earn some money.

It motivates me to find something which correspond to me but again, I decided to follow an other classical thing and I started a technical degree in mechanical engineering. Hopefully it was more easy than the engineer school but so boring… I succeed ti finish my two years but it was real struggle against myself and for my parents be happy. The only aim that I had was to leave this area at the end and do what I really like, design.

“Hopefully it was easier than engineer school but so boring…”

So after these 2 years I started finally my product design studies, a liberation for me. The beginning of my life.

To conclude, my short story is just to show that you always need to do what you like. Even if you succeed in all the area you will be so much better with something that you like, where you are passionate. Don’t be scared to engage you in uncertainty. If you like it you will be good in it and when you are good, the success follows.

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