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Dec 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Our mission is simple: rebuild our democracy by fixing our states. In 2018, we targeted five states in order to change their very direction. And we did it. In 2018: 1 broken supermajority. 2 flipped chambers. 5 states with historic progress. 30 of 31 flipped seats in our targeted state chambers.

For a rundown of how we did, our impact and what’s up next, check out our 2018 Electoral Results


Future Now Fund is focused on state legislatures, and only state legislatures. Why? Because state legislatures do much of the governing that affects our lives, yet get a fraction of the attention — and, historically, even less money. At the state level we can achieve far more, for far less money, and deliver change that people actually see and feel.

Dollar for dollar, contributing to state legislative races is the best investment in politics, and we believe there is no effort in the country where your money will have a greater impact than at Future Now Fund. You could call it the best-kept secret in politics — except we’re ready (and really excited) to tell you about the impact we had this election cycle.

Even better? Real people powered this change. They formed Giving Circles, a new tool for political engagement developed by Future Now Fund.

States legislatures are the smartest political contribution you can make.

To fix our country, we need everyone singing the #WhyStatesMatter gospel. So share this post, tweet about, email about it.

States are the best way to win elections, change politics, and improve lives.

Basically, it’s a life hack for democracy. Pretty cool.

Future Now

Future Now is rebuilding our democracy by fixing state governments.

Future Now USA

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We’re building the power to improve lives — by winning state legislative majorities and working with them to achieve goals for the common good.

Future Now

Future Now is rebuilding our democracy by fixing state governments.

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