Future of Blockchain 2: the finalists

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the 2nd iteration of the Future of Blockchain Universities Competition. On Mon 27th April 2020, at 4.30pm London time online on Zoom, the top 12 will compete for a £10k top prize. During this event, we will also do the Prizegiving for all the challenges in the competition.

For those who aren’t already aware, Future of Blockchain is a long-form competition for students at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London or Berlin to build a blockchain project over 3 months. We attract students, researchers, alumni and leading developers. This year, we also received participants from outside our core universities, with submissions from the Universities of ETH Zurich, Rome, Stirling, Waterloo, Cape Town and Paris.

Overall, there were 560 participants this year across 143 applying teams (versus 474 participants and 124 applications from year one). From the initial 143 applying teams, we ended up with 72 submissions (versus 61 submissions last year). Once again, on average 40% of participants were at least Master’s Level or more senior. Half of the Finalists have at least one PhD or more senior on their teams. For the first time, we had Professors (or more senior) participating (3 in total).

For those who missed out on last year, here’s the summary.

How it works

Participants have 3 months to either:

A. Build their own project (General Challenge)

B. Answer a Sponsor Challenge (Partner Challenges)

Check out all the challenges and prizes here.

Challenge Partners

We are extremely grateful to our fantastic Challenge Partners. They have provided great challenges, support and prizes.

The Judges

We are delighted to announce a stellar judging panel:

From left to right: Curtis Spencer (Electric Capital), Kartik Talwar (A.Capital and ETHGlobal), Min Teo (ConsenSys Labs)
From left to right: Pamir Gelenbe (Libertus Capital) and Patrick McCorry (PISA Research)

Curtis Spencer, Partner and Co-founder at Electric Capital

Kartik Talwar, Partner at A.Capital and Co-founder of ETH Global

Min Teo, Investor at ConsenSys Labs

Pamir Gelenbe, Managing Partner at Libertus Capital

and last but not least (back again after judging last year)
Patrick McCorry, Co-founder at any dot sender and former Assistant Professor at KCL

The Finalists

Two finalists from last year.

We are blown away by the quality of all participants this year. The Finalists, in particular, are exceptional. As mentioned, over half have at least one PhD (or more senior) in their team and represent a wide range of the world’s leading universities.

The following will each make a 3 minute pitch (+ question time) at the Finale on Mon 27th April 2020 at 4.30pm.

ARRtistry: A team of Imperial students who have built an art provenance platform using Arweave.

Baseblock: A team of KCL students who have built a unique crowdfunding platform using Zilliqa.

Chain of Insight: A zero-knowledge encryption oracle and dApp, built on Tezos.

ChironCoin: A Cambridge MBA and PhD from Ecole Centrale Paris who has built a marketplace for sharing trading algorithms using Near Protocol.

dAirbnb: A Professor from Stirling University, a Senior Lecturer at University of Strathclyde and PhD who has built a decentralised property marketplace on Tezos.

Decentralised Robinson List: A Professor from University of Rome Sapienza and team from the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni and University of Roma Trewho have built an opt-out list for marketing transmissions in Italy using Algorand.

DeepVerse: A team of 3 Cambridge PhDs who have built a platform to train AI models collaboratively, using Tezos and Arweave.

Digioptions: A team of two brothers, a PhD from Uni of HUBerlin and Engineer from TUBerlin, who have built an online betting platform.

Hyperaware: A team of Imperial and UCL students from London Blockchain Labs who built a decentralised platform for governing connected devices based on location, using Arweave and also representing SAP.

Q-Vote: A quadratic voting platform from a team of KCL students, built on Tezos and also representing SAP.

Reflexer: A design for a ‘reflex-bond’ to create an unpegged stablecoin.

Snappy Labs: A team of PhDs and Professors from UCL and ETH Zurich who have built a novel blockchain payment solution for retail.

How to get a (zoom) seat

Tickets can be found here.


Email Anthony at anthony@encode.club

Thank Yous

This could not have happened without our incredible partners.

Corporate Partners

We are also incredibly grateful to a network of Student Clubs, Societies and Groups who have marketed and help run the competition over the last few months.




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